Holiday day 1- the journey..

So… I wouldn’t call the 5 hour drive from Portsmouth to Cornwall a dream journey. Our original plan was to leave at 8am and get there for midday. However by the time we faffed around getting everyone and everything in the car, dropped the cat off at the cattery and returned my Asos order off at the post office it was 9:30 and little did we know that Spence had already drunk his entire journeys drink supply.

I had such big plans for the journey- Coen would sleep for the majority of it, Spence would quietly read his Where’s Wally book, I would chill out, we would stop somewhere cute for lunch. Nope nope nope!

Within about 7 seconds, Coen had pulled off the window blind and started hitting everyone with it, he constantly kept throwing his comforter around the car and would then cry that he didn’t have his comforter and as soon as you gave it back to him, he would immediately throw it!

Within 20 mins, Spence needed a wee, surprisingly. We stopped at the first services we found which had a queue from the toilet almost to the door of the shop! The whole ordeal added 20 mins onto our journey.

Everything I had brought to relieve the kids boredom didn’t work or resulted in arguments. Spence couldn’t be bothered to find Wally, Coen chucked his book on the floor. The iPad didn’t work out, they both just argued over it and Coen broke the headphones. Another half hour later and we had pulled over so Spence could wee, again!

I spent the first 2 hours looking backwards to either break up fights or constantly retrieve things that Coen had thrown but then immediately decided that he wanted. And of course, Spence asked how long we had left on the journey…every. two. minutes.

Then miraculously, Coen finally fell asleep, Spence quietly sat watching the iPad, i could finally face the front and have a conversation with Mark and we even listened to part of a podcast!

Due to all our pit stops and the 3pm England game approaching, we stopped and grabbed a quick subway for lunch then got straight back on the road, finally arriving at our lodge with 20 mins to spare before the game!!


Day date xx

This weekend, my husband and I took a trip to London to the Royal Albert Hall. I had bought Mark tickets for his birthday back in December for a show where you watch a Star Trek Film (one of the new ones) to a live orchestra.

It was only the second time I have been to the Royal Albert Hall and it is such an impressive venue, it’s right opposite Hyde Park where they have the huge monument for Prince Albert.

We actually had amazing seats, we had a box to ourselves and had such good views. We decided to treat ourselves to a glass of champagne while we waited for the show to start and got ice cream for the interval. The performance was amazing, I forgot how much I liked the film and the orchestra were so impressive, especially the choir!

You can see other films there to an orchestra such as Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and Close Encounters, I so want to see them all!

Biggest mistake ever!

As I’m sat on the kitchen floor with both kids staring at the washing machine and willing it to finish, I’m really regretting washing their comforters- even if they were covered in snot, dirt, puddles, blood and paint!

A Day in Our Family life

I have been ultra busy these days but have vowed to make more of an effort uploading more blogs. So I decided to blog about a day in our life. I work Monday to Thursday so probably not best to pick one of those days unless you all want to know in detail what an Accountant gets up to, hint: it’s not as exciting as you might believe!

So I got woken up at 6:20, not by Coen but by Spence who had gone for a poo, couldn’t wipe his own bum and had been on the loo for so long that he got pins and needles in his leg! I sorted Spence out and we both tried to stealthily get back to bed before Coen woke up, but no such luck. I decided to let Mark sleep and took the kids downstairs, they watched the new Boss Baby series in relative silence for about 10 mins before the usual destruction began!

So three hours later, with an annihilated living room, we were fed, watered, dressed and packed into the car and on our way to the lake:

Coen: Babbling

Spence: Coen just said ‘Spencer’!!

Me: That’s amazing!

Spence: Coen just said ‘goo-goo ga-ga’

Me: Ahh cute!

Spence: Coen just a ‘binoculars’!

Me: Errr are you sure?

We got to the lake just before 10am, with Coen able to walk quite easily (although a little slow) I let him walk rather than put him in the pushchair, he loved it although it took us a loooong time to walk around half of the lake to the Play area!

We spent some time playing before making the long walk back to the car and home for lunch. Luckily Coen resisted the urge to sleep in the car which means he will have a nice long nap in the afternoon.

The morning must have given the kids a bit of an appetite, for lunch they had sandwiches, crisps, blueberries, cheese and a fruit bar. Coen went down for his nap at about 1pm and not long after, Spence fell asleep on the couch, which is quite rare! I then had 3 hours of bliss- well kind of!

When Coen naps, I usually take advantage of the free time and get some tidying up done, however with Spence sleeping on the couch, I didn’t want to wake him with the sound of chores. Instead, I enjoyed a cuppa whilst watching Pretty Little Liars and catching up on my House of Humphrey work.

Both kids woke at nearly 4pm, Mark’s dad came round just before 5pm to babysit the boys while Mark and I went to our friends for dinner and Cards Against Humanity. This week was both mine and our friend Pauls birthday so we always arrange something. We had so much fun, lots of food, lots of Prosecco and tonnes of laughs!!

Happy Easter xx

Happy Easter from the Humphrey Tribe!

We have had a fab weekend, we have seen family, friends, been on an Easter Egg hunt and have visited a farm. Now, we are chilling on the couch eating our weight in chocolate! Xx


One of the tough things about parenting is ‘the monster situation’.

I can’t convince Spence that monsters don’t exist if I still 100% believe in them. I have tried, I’m the worst liar, my face is very unconvincing as the words come out and it’s obvious Spencer isn’t believing my lies. If he ever whispered the dreaded words: ‘there’s a monster in my wardrobe’, firstly, I would sh*t myself, then I would bundle the kids in the car, drive away leaving the house forever….possibly burning it down before I left.

Also, on occasion (approx 3 times a week) it takes me ages to get to sleep because something I’ve seen or heard in the dark has led me to believe that there is a monster in the house. Then I have to wrestle with the decision on whether to get out of bed to make sure the kids haven’t been eaten by a monster / demon (and potentially come face to face with it) or secretly hope that the monster / demon is satisfied with the kids and won’t venture as far as my room. So far, I haven’t gotten out of bed- sorry kids!