7 months, garden play and fish and chips on the beach- 3rd June xx

This week, with the weather still nice, we spent a lot of time in the garden playing and having fun!!

This week, Coen turned 7 months! He is still the most happiest baby, he is constantly smiling and giggling! His sleep has been pretty steady for a while now but this week he seems to be waking earlier and earlier with a 4:30am wake up yesterday- lovely! He has been a bit ill this week with a cold so hopefully once it has gone he will start to sleep a bit longer. 

I took him to the weigh in clinic this week and his weight is also steady at 17lbs 3oz, on the 25th percentile. I was a little concerned that he might not have put on much weight as with the early stages of weaning, babies tend not to actually eat anything and spend more time playing with food instead. I had moved him onto the follow on milk where the guidance only recommends giving 6ozs per feed rather than the 8ozs he was having on the infant formula, so he was completely finishing his feeds and would even seem still hungry by the end. The health visitor said I can just go back to giving him the infant formula as there is actually no additional benefits with the follow on milk, which I have done and he is now back to 8oz feeds. His weight was fine but at least I feel a bit better now. 

On Friday, the weather was warm but not too hot so once Mark finished work, he went to Hayling Island for fish and chips on the beach with Marks dad. Once dinner was over, Spence fed the seagulls with his grandpa, we then threw stones into the sea and Spence and I went hunting for shells and large rocks! It’s so nice living near the beach and at the time of day, it wasn’t busy and was so peaceful hanging out and having fun with the family xx

Our World this Week- 28th May xx

This weather this week was scorching so we spent lots of time outside going for walks and playing in the garden. At the beginning of the week, I took Coen for a walk in the sun around the village, whilst running errands- I took a long route to make the most of the time outside. Then on Wednesday morning we went back to Petersfield lake to see the ducks and have a walk around the lake. 

Coen tends to have a longer afternoon nap for at least an hour which is when I catch up on chores and potentially some TV if I get the time. However, this week I made the most of the sunshine and sat in the garden and read my book while Coen snoozed. I have just started the book Keystone which was written by a friend of ours- so far I’m very impressed!

The rest of the week, we spent our days in the garden playing games and chilling out! The hot weather meant I spent most of the time making sure the boys were covered in suncream, wearing hats and not getting dehydrated! A mum never stops worrying! All the while, I was getting burnt and having headaches from dehydration! 

Our World, this week- 21st May x

We had a pretty easy week this week, we didn’t go particularly far. I took Coen on a few walks as the weather was getting nice. I have bought him a few short sleeved rompers for summer and I’m so happy that I finally get to dress him in them. I love the Mickey Mouse one above from Next. 

On Tuesday, while Coen was napping and before picking Spence up from nursery, I decided, rather randomly to bake a cake. I had received an email from Kitchen Stories showing ideas on cakes to make for Mother’s Day (although our UK Mother’s Day was months ago!) I decided to pick the cake that is apparently so easy that children can make it! I made the bulk of the cake in the afternoon including the creme fraiche icing and let Spence decorate it when he got home from nursery. When we finally got to have a slice….oh my god, it was the best cake I have ever made!! I’m rather shocked at myself! I’m absolutely useless at making cakes- I once used a cake tin that was too big for the recipe so ended up with a really thin cake! I ended up having to make 3 of them and layer it just to make it normal height! 

However, it was also the biggest cake I have ever made, and seeing that there was only 3 of us, (one being a toddler that shouldn’t eat much cake) I had to keep inviting people round for cake! Which I’m sure they didn’t mind…and I didn’t either as it meant I could eat some at the same time! 

Coen seems to have kept up his 11 hour sleeping pattern. Now that I have officially given up breastfeeding (sob!) I can’t give him a sneaky 5am breastfeed and send him back to sleep. Although most days he manages to get to 6:30am before waking up for the day. 

Mark and I alternate who gets up early, leaving the other to sleep in until about 8am! 

Have I just given up breastfeeding?

If you have read any of my other posts, you will realise that I’m pretty obsessed with Coens nighttime sleep!

The last few days, Coen has started to refuse his 10pm bottle feed which scares me a little, because I’m pretty sure this is the reason he sleeps until 5am! Last night we decided to bottle feed Coen at bedtime rather than his normal boob feed and not wake him at 10pm and see how long he sleeps for. 

He slept until 7:15am! He slept for 11.5 hours- wwhhaaaaat! 

Although I am so happy that he slept through and am totally prepared for this being a one-off but if it isn’t, then I may have just given up breastfeeding as I only boob fed him at night! I feel like I needed to be a bit more prepared to give up, I didn’t know the last feed was the last feed! It makes me sad that I might not have our little times where he would snuggle up to me for a feed. It makes me sad that I might never breastfeed again! 

My supply was waning anyway so even if he slept through for 2 nights, that might be enough for supply to completely dry up! Let’s see what tonight brings…

28 weeks, farm visits and a diseased household- 14th May xx

So those nights where Coen slept until 6am? They are gone! They were just a short glorious phase! He does however sleep until 4am-5am, I then feed him and put him back to sleep and he wakes at roughly 7am-8am- I can handle this and hopefully his sleep will get longer. We have had two nights where he refused his 10pm dream feed and ended up waking up at about 1am and again at 5am, which I guess was out of hunger- at least we know not to drop that feed if we want precious sleep! 

A few weeks ago, Coen rolled over for the first time and since then he hasn’t really been that interested in doing it much, it’s definitely stepped up a notch- if I turn my back for one second, he has rolled to a different area of the room! His automatic reaction to be placed on the floor is to roll over, which makes changing his nappy a bit of a challenge! 

We had a bit of a busy week. On Tuesday, I took Coen to the lake, not that he seems particularly interested in it, it’s just nice to take him for a walk in the sunshine with nice views. I tend to go there about once a week, straight after dropping Spence off at nursery. As it’s early, I walk to the cafe there, get myself a tea and sausage sandwich and find myself a bench with a good view to enjoy then! If Coen is asleep, I may even get some time to read my book in the sun! 

On Thursday, I had another date with my friend Lucy, she took us to a farm, not far from where she lives. It’s pretty cute and looked so old fashioned. Spence and Jacob played together and walked hand in hand which was so cute. The farm had a play area as well so let them burn off a bit of steam!

We had a rubbish end to the week- both Mark and I had a bug, between us we had DnV- he had the D and I had the V! Being ill and needing to throw up is the worst when you have children. It would be so lovely to be able to just lie on the bed or couch, watching tv or sleeping as I feel like death but unfortunately kids still need to be fed, dressed and worse…entertained! I spent the day trying to persuade Spence to watch the iPad, persuade Coen to nap and counting the minutes until their bedtime! Luckily as none of them have learnt to tell the time, they didn’t notice that they went to bed half an hour earlier than normal!