My first craft fair xx

This weekend was my first craft fair for my new venture, House of Humphrey, selling my teething necklaces. 

The fair was in my local village and was quite small which I was quite relieved at. I was a bit nervous at doing the fair as it’s definitely out of my comfort zone, I’m terrible at self promotion and talking to strangers so I’m definitely proud of myself for doing it. 

I did a lot of preparation for the big day, making sure I had a decent amount of stock and making my stall look pretty. I spent tonnes of time on Pinterest getting tips for the day and ideas for my stall. 

I got to the fair an hour before opening to set up, it took me about 10 mins so I had plenty of time to sit in horror and watch as the other stalls set up massive displays and show off there huge amounts of items! I had a small amount of stock, everything that was on the table was everything that I had! As I had plenty of time, I popped over the road to grab myself a tea which was a big mistake as half hour after the customers started to turn up, I needed a wee and was unable to leave my stall unmanned! The day was all about learning from mistakes!

My sister surprised me and turned up to help, which was fantastic! It meant I could go for a wee but I also that I had someone to talk to during the quiet periods! During the day, I had tonnes of support from the family: Marks parents both came to visit, my sister in law Charlotte and the kids, plus Mark came down with Spencer and Coen who I was so pleased to see. 

The fair wasn’t hugely successful for me, the thing about being in a village is that most of the residents are a lot older, so not really the target market for teething necklaces. I did manage to sell a few though and I had tonnes of fun and I’m so proud of myself for doing it. 

I immediately started to look at doing more craft fairs, especially baby events. However with this time of year, most of the upcoming craft fairs are Christmas Fairs, so I might have to wait until after the New Year xx


11 months xx

It’s only a few weeks until our little guy turns a year old, I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone!

He is changing so much at the moment, it’s crazy! Last month he could stand unaided for a few seconds, just a few weeks later he can pull himself up to stand and stay there for a while. He is definitely on his way to walking, he can walk while we hold his hands and he walks up and down the living room using his walker. 

He likes to copy things that Spence does, for example, when Spence walks down the stairs at home, he keeps his hand on the wall as he goes down the stairs, although Coen doesn’t understand why Spence does this, he now likes to touch the wall as I’m bringing him downstairs. 

Coen is hugely independent and loves moving around. Anything that involves him being forced to stay still is definitely not appreciated! This means it’s incredibly difficult to get him dressed or change his nappy. As soon as you lie him down, his immediate reaction is to flip himself over and crawl away! Nothing can distract him into staying still. Changing his nappy is a nightmare- as soon as the nappy comes off, he crawls away, which you can imagine is horrific if he has done a poo! When I change his clothes, I basically have to crawl around the room after him trying to get items of clothing on him while he is trying to crawl away from me!

He doesn’t make a huge fuss when I try and get him into his car seat but he does do that ultra helpful thing that babies do- stiffen his whole body into a plank! Which he finds ultra hilarious and laughs at me as I’m trying to get his body to bend so I get him in his seat! 

His eating habits haven’t really changed, he seems to like sandwiches again (yay!) He doesn’t LOVE them but he will eat one every now and then. He definitely lets us know when he has finished with his food, he holds his arm over the side of the high chair and drops his food! 

Coen has a bunny comforter which he has whenever he sleeps, and when he gets tired, he finds his bunny and sits holding it while sucking his thumb- it’s so cute! We rarely take it outside the house but on a recent shopping trip we decided to take it with us as we were going to be out over his normal nap time and hoped that he would be able to sleep in his pram if he had his bunny. Well that was a mistake because while in John Lewis we realised that he no longer had it. To be honest, we should have predicted this would happen with his habit of throwing things! We frantically retraced our steps and while I was on my phone googling where the nearest JoJo Maman Bebe was so we could replace it- Mark found it! Thank god!! Xx

Adult time at London Fashion Week Festival xx

I have been going to London Fashion Week Festival for the last 10 years although I did have a gap when Spence was really little. Usually I tend to go on my own but Mark was my date this time. 

We got the train to London fairly early so we arrived just as it opened at 11am, we had time for a quick scan of the stalls before we had to be at the catwalk for 12pm. We chose to attend the Trend Catwalk rather than the Designer one, so we got to see models wearing clothes from the three main trends: 70’s, suits and dazzle.  My fave was the dazzle collection- I do like a bit of glitz on an outfit!

Although it was the same venue as in February, the catwalk space was different. Previously, the Catwalk was a long continuous runway whereas this year, it seemed to be split into two adjoining rooms with the models following a runway around both. I think I prefer the new layout. 

After the Catwalk, we resumed our shopping, the space was split between accessories and clothes. We managed to talk ourselves into a glass of champagne each at the champagne bar. As you can imagine the prices there were a lot higher than normal establishments. Normally we wouldn’t be so extravagant, especially as I’m still on maternity leave (although not for long!) but we justified it as it’s not everyday you go to LFWF and it’s not everyday we get child free time in a situation where neither of us are driving….so we went for it! 

And what happens when someone who now tends to drink about twice a year and who hadn’t had any lunch, drinks champagne? Yep, that’s rights, I got tipsy on ONE glass of champagne! And what happens when a drunk person finds themselves in the middle of Fashion Week with a credit card in her purse? I bet you can imagine!

Mark and I are both Made in Chelsea fans, it’s our guilty pleasure, Tuesdays are MIC night! So you can imagine how pleased I was to find that three of the cast members had stalls at the event. I had a fan girl moment when I met Millie Mackintosh, I had bought her clothes before so I was happy that she had a stall there and I could meet her- I bought the most loveliest blouse and a pair of trousers from her- I can’t wait to wear them! I also bought the loveliest shirt dress from a designer called Miss Patina and an ear cuff from Tada and Toy. I seriously love my purchases!

We called it a day at roughly 2pm and I sobered up sometime over Waterloo bridge, we got a Yo Sushi and headed off home with our mountains of bags xx

10 months old already! 

Our little guy is 10 months old! It’s not long until he is a year old- I need to start arranging his birthday!

He is developing so fast at the moment. Last month, he had started to pull himself up to stand. This month he has grown so much more confident in this but he has also started to coast along furniture and is now able to stand unaided for about 30 seconds. It seems like he wants to start walking but isn’t able to move his feet- it won’t be long!!

The way he now plays with toys just amazes me! Previously he would pick things up and pretty much just throw them. However now, he picks things up and hands them to me or he will put them in containers. My favourite thing is rolling a ball to each other. I just love that I can actually play with him and that he can sit still long enough to be able to do it, rather than running around behind him trying to keep him out danger! 

He is also able to play on his own now, I can sit and watch him move around the room, playing with different things. He occasionally looks up to make sure I’m still there and every now and then, he will crawl up to me and climb on my lap and show me whatever toy he is playing with and then go off to play some more. 

His sleeping patterns are still the same: he will wake up between 6am and 7am, has a nap at about 9am for about an hour and a half and then another nap at about 1pm for a few hours. 

His eating patterns haven’t changed either- unfortunately he still doesn’t like sandwiches. He has been spoon feeding himself with a bit of help this month. 

Despite being 10 months old, all the 6-9 months clothes are still quite big on him. However his 6-9 month clothes are all summer clothes and the weather is turning quite cold so I need to get warmer clothes for him!

I can’t believe it’s only a few months until he is 1, he is developing so fast, he isn’t a little helpless baby anymore! xx

Our little baby model xx

Our little guy has recently become a cute little baby model. 

A local photographer needed a baby for an advertising campaign for baby products as the original model had pulled out at short notice. A friend recommended that we apply for Coen to audition, so Mark sent a few photos and that afternoon we had the photoshoot booked!

The actual shoot was a lot harder than I expected, trying to get a baby to sit still, look in a certain direction and smile was difficult! The photographer was amazing and so patient, she had dealt with babies lots of times. 

She took tonnes of photos, which she would send to the client to decide whether to use him. She also took a few photos of Spencer and both boys together. Spence turned into a major supermodel doing lots of poses!

We found out today that Coen was picked by the client and that he would be appearing in their advertising and product packaging for their babycare products such as cotton wool etc. 

I can’t wait to see the final result! xx

Bank Holiday Weekend Guests xx

The Bank Holiday weekend had glorious weather and we had some awesome guests stay for the weekend. A couple of my oldest friends, Duncan and Emma who now live in Bath, came to visit. I love seeing these guys as they are always up for doing quite interesting things and we also have really good trips. 

They arrived at about lunchtime on the Saturday and we headed to a nearby pub for lunch which we haven’t been to before which is now my favourite place to eat! They had lovely gardens to eat and we sat in the garden in a sheltered area for the kids but next to a lovely outdoor bar. The food was lovely and even the children’s food was presented amazingly!

In the afternoon we took a trip to Fort Nelson which was close by but again, had never been to and added bonus, it was free to visit!

I would like to be able to give a description on what the Fort was used for, it’s purpose and what happened there as I love a bit of history, however having Spence running around didn’t make it an ideal time to really read much of the information. It was really good to walk around the grounds and  the tunnels and see the guns though and I think I will do another trip to learn a bit of the history. 

After the Fort, we took our guests to the top of Portsdown hill to see the views of Portsmouth, Spence and Duncan did lots of running around, I think they managed to tire themselves out! In the evening, once the kids were in bed, we managed to have a few drinks and play Cards Against Humanity- I love that game! 

The next day, the weather was so nice again, we decided to have breakfast at our new favourite place and again sat outside in the sun- it so felt like we were on holiday! 

In the afternoon we took a trip to Portchester castle (another free attraction), which is right on the sea. We took a walk by the sea, which was nice in the sun then we got an ice cream and tried to get to the castle before they melted- no such luck! The grounds has a large grassed area so we sat and played for a few hours in the sun, it was so nice! 

To end our time with our guests, we had a nice dinner in our garden in the sunshine before they headed off back home to bath. I’m looking forward to seeing them in a few months time xx

Visiting the boats and seeing the Queen Elizabeth x

Spence doesn’t go to nursery on Thursday and Fridays so we got to spend these two days as a family. 

On Thursday we took a trip into Gunwharf to meet Marks mum and to go on a boat trip around the harbour to see the military boats including the new Queen Elizabeth ship which is Britains largest ever military ship. 

We had lovely weather for the trip but we still decided to stay inside the boat so it wasn’t too windy for the kids. We got to the various military boats including the centuries old HMS Warrior and HMS Victory which are stationed in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. 

The Queen Elizabeth ship (soon to be become HMS) which has only recently come to Portsmouth and the biggest U.K. ship to be built was massive, I could barely fit the whole thing in a photo!

As we had a full on family filled week, we had disrupted Coens napping routine, so we decided to have a bit of a chilled out day on the Friday and stay near to home. We were having guests stay at the weekend so we needed a day to chill out before more activities. 

I went to the gym in the morning while Mark took the kids to the park in our road where Spence made some new friends. Then after Coens afternoon nap, we took the kids to the large park in our village for a bit more of a run around. 

We ended the day with a curry in the garden in the glorious sunshine! xx