Our World, this week- 13th Aug xx

I feel like I have barely done anything remotely exciting the last few weeks- Coen was ill for a week with a cold and was ultra moany so I couldn’t really take him anywhere and the weather has been typically British and turned ultra crap! We were enjoying 30 degree heat for a few weeks and now we are experiencing constant bloody rain! 

Our first decent day of weather was Thursday so I was determined to get out the house with the kids! Except, I didn’t know what to do- I didn’t want to go to softplay on the first non-rainy day, I didn’t want to go for walks in the forests or playgrounds as they would be mud pits! So in the end, we decided to brave it and go to Staunton farm- armed with wellies! 

To be honest, it wasn’t too bad and wellies weren’t really needed. We met my friend Lucy and her 2 year old Jacob there and the kids fed the animals, played in the soft play and walked around the gardens. It was so nice to have the lovely weather back!

On Saturday, Mark and I went to the most amazing thing ever- we went to see Alice Underground at The Vaults in London. It was a kind of quirky audience participation live theatre. I’m a bit of an Alice in Wonderland fan so I loved it!

As you walk into the building, the main area was decorated as a forest with a bar called ‘Drink Me’ where you could get Alice in Wonderland themed cocktails and drinks, with lots of tables within the forest and a small booth called ‘Eat me’ where you could get some food. There was also a little upstairs area with some couches and a small area where you can play ‘flamingo croquet’

I won’t spoil the actual performance for anyone who wants to go see it but you get divided into suits and taken on a journey into Wonderland. I went with Mark, my sister and my niece, Mark and my sister were a different suit to me and my niece and they had a completely different experience from us. It was good to meet up at the end and excitedly compare what we had seen and done! I definitely want to go again so I can be a different suit and see another route. 

After the performance we had a cocktail, mine was called ‘Who Stole All the Tarts’ and had jam in it. 

I massively recommend this performance to everyone! I had a fab time, I think it might be one of the funnest things I have ever done! xx

Going back to work- boo!

So I have come to a point in my maternity leave where I have to decide when to go back to work- I have been putting it off because I didn’t want to have the date looming over me!

When I had Spence, I only took 6 months off and kind of regretted it, so this time we decided that I could take the full year. This means I’m going to go back in on 6th November!

I am about 9 months into my maternity leave so I better make the most of my last 3 months!! xx

Coen turns 9 months xx

Seriously- where is the time going?!

So our little dude has turned 9 months. He seems to be developing and growing so fast! Last month he reached a few milestones by crawling, sitting up and waving. This month I’m sure he wins the award for fasted baby! You just need to take your eyes off him for a second and he has crawled into a different room! 

This month, he has started pulling himself up to stand, but hasn’t started coasting yet. 

I think the reason for the standing is so he can reach all the toys that Spence keeps putting out of his reach. Coen doesn’t seem to want to play with his age appropriate baby toys, he just wants to play with whatever toys his 3 year old brother is playing with and he is so determined to do so that Spence can only play with certain toys (such as Lego) when Coen is napping. I do feel a bit bad for Spence- he just wants to play in peace. But likewise, whenever Coen gets a new toy, Spence wants to play with it and takes it off Coen- the joys of siblings! 

For the last two weeks, Coen has had a cold- so there is constant snot EVERYWHERE! Everytime I pick him up, I somehow get covered, if he is sat on my lap- my trousers have streaks of snot down them- lovely! His cold had meant that he hasn’t been sleeping very well, which has also meant that we haven’t been sleeping well. On top of this, the little munchkin is teething, I can see his teeth but they have yet popped out. 

Due to his cold / teething he hasn’t really been eating too well and for some reason, he has started refusing to eat sandwiches! His appetite has started to go back to normal over the last couple days which is a bit of a relief, I hate it when the kids go off their food xx

My New Venture xx

Hey guys, I wanted to share my exciting news on my new venture!!

I have started to make and sell the cutest teething / nursing necklaces using gorgeous Liberty of London Fabric and silicone beads xx

Since having both of my boys, the amount of jewellery I have been able to wear has decreased, bracelets and necklaces get pulled, I’m scared to wear earrings and even my glasses suffer. I wanted to make these necklaces so they were safe for babies to play with whilst nursing or chewing while teething but also looked good as well. 

So hopefully, whatever your style is, I will have made a necklace that suits it, I also think the above blank print would be suitable for dad’s as this is the one my husband wears! 

You can find all my products on my Etsy shop or feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram for updates and new designs xx

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HouseOfHumphrey

Instagram: house_of_humphrey

Facebook: House of Humphrey

Thanks guys, I hope you like them xx

London Film & Comic Con

Every year, Mark and I go to the London Film and Comic Con as we are both a bunch of geeks and film buffs! This year we took my niece Amber with us. 

The guests were pretty awesome this year with Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Smith, Natalie Dormer, Pamela Anderson and tonnes more! Although they were fab, I chose not to get any autographs or photos but Mark got his photo taken with Natalie Dormer. 

My favourite part of the day is seeing everyone dressed up as their favourite characters and also checking out the merchandise and doing some shopping. It’s a great place to get Christmas presents for my equally geeky family. 

This year, one of the guests was an illustrator called Amrit Birdi who is massively talented and I really wanted to meet him. A few years ago, for Marks 30th Birthday, I contacted Amrit to request that he do a piece for me and I was so happy when he agreed. My original idea was to have Mark drawn as his favourite superhero but my efforts of secretly finding out who is favourite superhero was, wasn’t proving successful so Amrit came up with the idea of drawing Mark as an X-men which was an awesome idea and the end result was amazing. We currently have the picture framed in our study and as Amrit was at the Comic Con, we managed to get him to sign the picture. 

We always have such a great time at Comic Con and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Lazy Spence…

Spence: can you pass me those cars?Me: what cars?

Gets off the couch, goes over to the cars he wants, picks them up..

Spence: These Ones!

Me: Well I guess now that you are touching them, you don’t need me to pass them to you

Goes back over to the couch and sits down 

Spence: Can you pass them to me now?

Lazy kid!!

Day date with my husband xx

Yesterday I had a kid-free day date with Mark!

Mark had bought tickets to the Royal Festival Hall in London where a live orchestra performed to clips of Star Trek films and episodes. Although I’m not really a Trekkie, I quite enjoyed myself

Afterwards, instead of rushing to get the train back home, we decided to have dinner out- it was glorious! We went to a sushi place where we could talk about things that weren’t about the children or have our food go cold while we sort out feeding the children first. 

After, we got the train back and arrived home just as grandpa had put the kids to sleep xx