Putting on his face before facing the day xx



One of the tough things about parenting is ‘the monster situation’.

I can’t convince Spence that monsters don’t exist if I still 100% believe in them. I have tried, I’m the worst liar, my face is very unconvincing as the words come out and it’s obvious Spencer isn’t believing my lies. If he ever whispered the dreaded words: ‘there’s a monster in my wardrobe’, firstly, I would sh*t myself, then I would bundle the kids in the car, drive away leaving the house forever….possibly burning it down before I left.

Also, on occasion (approx 3 times a week) it takes me ages to get to sleep because something I’ve seen or heard in the dark has led me to believe that there is a monster in the house. Then I have to wrestle with the decision on whether to get out of bed to make sure the kids haven’t been eaten by a monster / demon (and potentially come face to face with it) or secretly hope that the monster / demon is satisfied with the kids and won’t venture as far as my room. So far, I haven’t gotten out of bed- sorry kids!

My worst night as a parent yet!

Wednesday night was my worst night as a parent yet! Worse than that time when Coen was a newborn and woke up every hour in the night! On Wednesday night, the little sleep thief who currently has ‘boy flu’ (similar to Man Flu) woke up every 15-20 mins…ALL NIGHT! He finally went to sleep at about 6am and my alarm went off at 6:45am!

I couldn’t face going into the office on literally no sleep so I worked from home for the day. Mark and I went to bed last night at 8:30pm hoping to get some decent sleep but Coen woke at 9:30pm, then every 45 mins until 2am!

I’m so tired!

Spence turns 4!!

Our gorgeous dude is now four! Where has the time gone?! Next year he will be at school, I’m so not ready for this!

Spence is literally the best kid ever! He has always been pretty chilled out, he sleeps like a dream and he is just hilarious. I love that now he is a bit older we can conversations, he tells me about his day and who he has played with. He has the best facial expressions! He has the right amount of sass to make him cute and I love it when I do something stupid and he stops and slowly shakes his head at me!

I love that he can be independent but still gives me hugs and wants to watch tv cuddled up with me. I love playing Lego with him and I love that he loves Lego! I especially love how excited he is about Christmas right now!

I literally burst with pride when he tells me how much he loves The Wizard of Oz and asks to watch all the films, including Return to Oz, my favourite. I love that when he are in the car he occasionally shouts- ‘I just saw a tornado!! We are going to Oz!’

I love that he insists on wearing hats all the time and that when we see nursery pics, he is the only kid doing painting with a hat on. I love that he loves wearing sunglasses because he looks like a dude!

I love how cute he is with Coen (most of the time) and I love walking and holding his hand.

But most of all I love it when he tells me he loves me and when I return the love, he says ‘love you more!’ xx

Longleat Festival of Lights xx

At the weekend, we went to Longleat Safari Park and it was seriously one of the best day outs we have had!

We met up with our friends Duncan and Emma for our usual Christmas meet up but this year we decided to do something different.

We knew it would be cold so I had to make sure the kids were wrapped up super warm in layers, warm coats, hats, scarves and gloves. I also had to make sure I was sufficiently warm as I tend to totally under dress for the cold and spend the day moaning that I’m cold!

We got to the zoo at about 11am, we did the initial stop to see the giraffes and other smaller animals. We then headed back to the car to go through the safari!

Almost immediately into the monkey area, we were pounced in by monkeys. We had done sat on the roof and others on the bonnet. I was so paranoid that we were going to run one over! We saw cute little baby monkeys! A monkey pulled a washer off Duncan’s car but luckily they didn’t do any damage to our car except lots of muddy footprints over it.

We saw so many animals: deer, antelope, lions, tigers, rhinos! Unfortunately as it was around lunchtime, Spence was more concerned with getting his sandwiches than looking at the animals! He literally asked for them every two frickin seconds!! Eventually we gave in and let him eat his lunch in the car!

The safari actually took nearly 2 hours which wasn’t fun for Coen who didn’t want to nap until about 3 mins from the end! The drive ended near to Longleat house where we could see all the lanterns and although it was still daylight, they looked pretty impressive!

After getting a late lunch, we saw some smaller animals such as the penguins and snakes just before the lanterns turned on at 4pm.

It was the best sight ever. The park had a fairytale theme which I loved. The lanterns looked amazing and it felt so Christmassy! I loved seeing Spencer’s excited face. I definitely want to do it again next year xx

The Start of the Christmas Season! 

I frickin love Christmas! Love it, Love it, Love it! It’s such a great time of year, everyone seems happy, I love buying presents for people and it’s also perfectly acceptable to eat until you fall asleep- in fact, it’s practically in the rules!

The 1st December kicks off the Christmas Season and it’s acceptable to turn into a Christmas nutter! So, firstly, I was so happy that the day fell on a Friday, a day that I don’t have to work! Secondly, I had the proudest Mum moment when I saw how incredibly excited Spence was about Christmas!! He was excited he looked like he was about to explode and it wasn’t down to the chocolate from his advent calendar!

Spence is finally old enough to really get into Christmas, I had bought a few things last year for us to do but Spence was a bit young and not really interested in doing them. But this year…is the year! We did them all in the first day!

We started by making Christmas cards: I bought a pack from ELC last year that had pictures on which Spence could decorate with stickers. He had fun decorating them and picking which family member would receive each one- making sure he kept one for himself obviously!

We then made Christmas paper chains! We made so many that we managed to hang some across the room then put some more up in Spencer’s room.

We also had another pack where we could assemble and decorate a foam Christmas Tree. Spence had been pestering me to do it all afternoon, we were about 5 mins into it when Spence announced ‘this is boring, isn’t it?’ It’s possible Spence got a bit ‘christmas’ed out’! We finished the mini tree then went back to watching Christmas films.

Once Mark finished work, we put the tree up. Well, Mark and Spence put the tree up while I kept Coen busy so he didn’t pull everything down!

We had the best first day of December, I so can’t to see what else we have in store!! xx

Coen turns 1!!

This post is a little late, as things have been so crazily busy recently especially now that I’m back at one but I definitely had to do a post on our little guy turning 1!!

Coen’s birthday was on a Thursday, Mark and I both had the day off and the boys didn’t go to nursery. Coen was completely oblivious to it being his birthday. He got a few presents from us when he woke, which we pretty much had to prise away from Spence (the joys of older siblings). As Coen was unaware that it was his big day, we let Spence pick our plans for the day so he didn’t feel left out. He chose to go Gruffalo hunting at Alice Holt

The usual Gruffalo trail had gone but it had been replaced with statues of all the characters which Spence loved!

We had a small party for the little munchkin a few days later at the weekend. We invited family and some close friends to our house to see the birthday boy and eat some cake. It was great seeing everyone, especially as all my family live quite far away. Coen had a fab day seeing everyone, he celebrated with a nice long nap xx