Coen turns 9 months xx

Seriously- where is the time going?!

So our little dude has turned 9 months. He seems to be developing and growing so fast! Last month he reached a few milestones by crawling, sitting up and waving. This month I’m sure he wins the award for fasted baby! You just need to take your eyes off him for a second and he has crawled into a different room! 

This month, he has started pulling himself up to stand, but hasn’t started coasting yet. 

I think the reason for the standing is so he can reach all the toys that Spence keeps putting out of his reach. Coen doesn’t seem to want to play with his age appropriate baby toys, he just wants to play with whatever toys his 3 year old brother is playing with and he is so determined to do so that Spence can only play with certain toys (such as Lego) when Coen is napping. I do feel a bit bad for Spence- he just wants to play in peace. But likewise, whenever Coen gets a new toy, Spence wants to play with it and takes it off Coen- the joys of siblings! 

For the last two weeks, Coen has had a cold- so there is constant snot EVERYWHERE! Everytime I pick him up, I somehow get covered, if he is sat on my lap- my trousers have streaks of snot down them- lovely! His cold had meant that he hasn’t been sleeping very well, which has also meant that we haven’t been sleeping well. On top of this, the little munchkin is teething, I can see his teeth but they have yet popped out. 

Due to his cold / teething he hasn’t really been eating too well and for some reason, he has started refusing to eat sandwiches! His appetite has started to go back to normal over the last couple days which is a bit of a relief, I hate it when the kids go off their food xx


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