My New Venture xx

Hey guys, I wanted to share my exciting news on my new venture!!

I have started to make and sell the cutest teething / nursing necklaces using gorgeous Liberty of London Fabric and silicone beads xx

Since having both of my boys, the amount of jewellery I have been able to wear has decreased, bracelets and necklaces get pulled, I’m scared to wear earrings and even my glasses suffer. I wanted to make these necklaces so they were safe for babies to play with whilst nursing or chewing while teething but also looked good as well. 

So hopefully, whatever your style is, I will have made a necklace that suits it, I also think the above blank print would be suitable for dad’s as this is the one my husband wears! 

You can find all my products on my Etsy shop or feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram for updates and new designs xx


Instagram: house_of_humphrey

Facebook: House of Humphrey

Thanks guys, I hope you like them xx


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