London Film & Comic Con

Every year, Mark and I go to the London Film and Comic Con as we are both a bunch of geeks and film buffs! This year we took my niece Amber with us. 

The guests were pretty awesome this year with Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Smith, Natalie Dormer, Pamela Anderson and tonnes more! Although they were fab, I chose not to get any autographs or photos but Mark got his photo taken with Natalie Dormer. 

My favourite part of the day is seeing everyone dressed up as their favourite characters and also checking out the merchandise and doing some shopping. It’s a great place to get Christmas presents for my equally geeky family. 

This year, one of the guests was an illustrator called Amrit Birdi who is massively talented and I really wanted to meet him. A few years ago, for Marks 30th Birthday, I contacted Amrit to request that he do a piece for me and I was so happy when he agreed. My original idea was to have Mark drawn as his favourite superhero but my efforts of secretly finding out who is favourite superhero was, wasn’t proving successful so Amrit came up with the idea of drawing Mark as an X-men which was an awesome idea and the end result was amazing. We currently have the picture framed in our study and as Amrit was at the Comic Con, we managed to get him to sign the picture. 

We always have such a great time at Comic Con and I’m already looking forward to next year!


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