Coen is 8 months old!

Wow! Where has the time gone?! It seems like yesterday where I was constantly obsessing with Coens sleeping patterns and practically banging my head against his cot in frustration! 

So much has happened this month….

I take him to the weigh in clinic at the beginning of every month to keep it consistent. He now weighs 18lbs 4ozs, which I think is exactly a pound more than last month. He is only just starting to grow out of his 3-6 months clothes. I was starting to panic that we didn’t have lots of 6-9 months clothes but to be honest, with all the hot weather we are having, he pretty much just wears vests all day. So as long as he has enough of those for a while, we are fine. 

He still has four bottles a day: morning, lunchtime, about 5pm and one before bed. I’m thinking about starting to reduce this as he doesn’t seem to be drinking as much milk, so I think I will either cut out his 5pm feed or reduce his feeds to maybe 6ozs. 

He is definitely starting to eat more food which I’m so pleased about. With baby led weaning, it can take a little while for babies to actually start to eat food as they spend a little while playing with it and learning new textures but this month, he has definitely been eating the food. He particularly likes when I make pizzas on bread and he loves strawberries. 

This month Coen has started the commando crawl and now that he is on the move, he does not want to stay still. We have to watch him like a hawk, if you turn your back for 5 seconds he is trying to crawl out of the patio doors or trying to eat someone’s shoe! He is definitely more full on than Spencer was. Spence would sit and play with toys whereas Coen just wants to move around so it can be quite tiring trying to get him to play or keep trying to stop him escaping the house! 

I do feel a bit sorry for Spence as he tries to play with his toys or build something with his blocks and Coen comes crawling over and smashes everything up or tries to eat his toys! If I try to pull him away or move him somewhere else, he just comes crawling back, he is pretty relentless!

This month he has also learnt to wave, its quite cute but I can rarely get him to do it, luckily I managed to record a video of him doing it. 

He also puts his hands up to us when he wants us to pick him up which I love more than anything!

His sleeping patterns are quite consistent these days. He goes to bed at roughly 7:30pm and will wake up anytime between 5:30 and 7am. More towards the 5:30am these days which I am blaming on the light mornings! He will then have his first nap at 9am for 1-2 hours then his afternoon nap will be at 1pm for anything from 1 to 3 hours. Sometimes, depending on what we do during the day, this doesn’t go quite to plan!

Coen keeps wanting to stand up so I can imagine that his next milestone will be trying to pull himself up to stand and also getting into a sitting position on his own. 

Love this little guy xx


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