Coen’s first swim xx

I have been wanting to take Coen swimming for quite a while. Mark wanted to come too for his first swim so we had to go at a weekend when we weren’t busy. We took Spencer swimming every week from when he was three months and he seemed to be a natural that I wished we had kept it up, I was hoping Spence would get back into it too as he recently gave up football and I wanted him to find something that he enjoyed other than softplay!

So this weekend, we had a free Sunday so we took the kids to the local splash pool. It wasn’t quite the hit that I had hoped but we still had fun- sort of! 

Coen had a permanent ‘what the hell is this?’ face. He didn’t hate it but he didn’t love it like Spence did as a baby and Spence just refused to go in the water! I feel like this is a bit of our fault because we haven’t taken him swimming for about two years so suddenly being told to jump into a pool could be a bit daunting. We managed to get him to sit at the edge of the pool with his feet in but then he hated having his shorts wet and would then walk like he had pooed himself! Then eventually we managed to get him to sit on a float while I pushed him around the pool, then finally at the end I managed to get him in the pool for about 20 seconds. His main issue was that he didn’t like getting his shorts wet.

Spence had mixed feelings about the experience and has a different opinion depending on how he is feeling on the day you ask him about it. My plan of action is to take them again this weekend and try to get them both used to the water…and maybe buy him some smaller swimming shorts to prevent his John Wayne walking! xx


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