Father’s Day xx

To celebrate Mark being an awesome dad, we gave him a little lie in and woke him up with breakfast in bed and some presents and home made cards. We then had a day out planned. 

As I found out from TimeHop, we did the exact same thing as Father’s Day last year- we went to Arundel Castle for the Medieval Tournament! This year we took Marks dad along as well so he could celebrate Father’s Day with us. 

I love visiting Arundel Castle, it’s such a beautiful castle and you can visit the grounds, the gardens and the castle itself including The Keep. The Keep is pretty cool, there are lots of steps to get there which I don’t mind normally but doing it with a toddler and holding a baby was a little treacherous. Mark and I had to take it in turns to go to the very top as we wouldn’t have been able to safely make the climb and descent whilst holding Coen. 

The castle grounds were holding a medieval tournament on the day. There were lots of stalls with the sellers in costume, there was a falconry show and knights in full armour and weaponry represented by 4 countries: England, France, Poland and Denmark. I felt a bit bad that the weather was scorching and the men had to fight in full on armour, they were exhausted after each battle!

 Spence was a little concerned when each person went down but was soon fine when he found out that they came alive at the end. The overall winners were Denmark, much to the English audiences dismay! 

We took a picnic with us and ate our lunch on the grounds and Mark and his dad enjoyed their Father’s Day xx


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