Nashville Tour, Playing and Comic Con- 17th June xx

On Tuesday, I was very very excited to go to see the Nashville UK Tour as I’m a huge fan of the show. I was a bit gutted that Hayden Panetierre wasn’t going to be there but the line up was awesome. I was excited to see Jonathan Jackson as I love him in the show and also really excited to see Chris Carmack as he was also in my all time favourite show ever- The O.C! What I found quite surprising was how talented they all were, I didn’t realise that they all played instruments as well as wrote their own songs, as well as being actors!  Jonathan Jackson was such an amazing singer, he got a standing ovation every time he sang. Clare Bowen was even cuter in real life and Charles Esten was even hotter! 

This weekend, the local marina held a Comic Con. It wasn’t as big as the London event but it was still good fun going along. The event was free and I wondered how many people would turn up but the place was completely rammed! The weather was boiling and so many people turned up dressed in costume and looked amazing. 

We met a friend of Spencer’s and his mum for lunch and the two boys loved walking round seeing people dressed as their favourite superheroes and characters. We saw lots of film props and cars such as the Bat Tumbler and Bumblebee. 

We found an amazing Spider-Man which turned out to be a girl under the costume which Spencer loved and gave her hi-fives! 


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