Gruffalo Hunting, Play dates and Black Eyes- 11th June x

On Sunday, my sister and niece and nephew came to visit us. We went to the Alice Holt Forest for some Gruffalo hunting as Spence LOVES the book and they recently introduced a new Gruffalo hunt. We had to download an app in advance, you just need to point your phone at certain points along the trail and the characters pop up on your screen- Spence loved it, although he did think the Gruffalo was a little scary. 

I love going for walks and it was nice to do it with my family. Spence would sometimes walk with his cousins who are a lot older than him, 17 and 19, or with my sister which he loved. My sister lives about an hour and half away so although we text most days, I don’t get to see her as much as I would like. 

This week, after mastering the ability to roll around like a maniac, Coen can now crawl / bum shuffle backwards. It is literally the most adorable thing I have ever seen!! Whilst on his front he kind of shuffles backwards and he seems so pleased with himself! 

This week, Spence has managed to give himself two black eyes! The kid is so accident prone it’s unreal- he literally falls over everything, he has no special awareness! I can’t complain though as I was the same when I was a kid. He managed to get one black eye at nursery when another kid accidentally threw a toy right at his face and then he got the other one running around at home and hitting it on a bench. So my cute little toddler now looks like he has joined fight club!

We organised a play date this week with Spencer’s best friend Max. We went to a nearby soft play where they could run around and play with each other. Spence loves seeing Max so it’s cute watching them play xx


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