7 months, garden play and fish and chips on the beach- 3rd June xx

This week, with the weather still nice, we spent a lot of time in the garden playing and having fun!!

This week, Coen turned 7 months! He is still the most happiest baby, he is constantly smiling and giggling! His sleep has been pretty steady for a while now but this week he seems to be waking earlier and earlier with a 4:30am wake up yesterday- lovely! He has been a bit ill this week with a cold so hopefully once it has gone he will start to sleep a bit longer. 

I took him to the weigh in clinic this week and his weight is also steady at 17lbs 3oz, on the 25th percentile. I was a little concerned that he might not have put on much weight as with the early stages of weaning, babies tend not to actually eat anything and spend more time playing with food instead. I had moved him onto the follow on milk where the guidance only recommends giving 6ozs per feed rather than the 8ozs he was having on the infant formula, so he was completely finishing his feeds and would even seem still hungry by the end. The health visitor said I can just go back to giving him the infant formula as there is actually no additional benefits with the follow on milk, which I have done and he is now back to 8oz feeds. His weight was fine but at least I feel a bit better now. 

On Friday, the weather was warm but not too hot so once Mark finished work, he went to Hayling Island for fish and chips on the beach with Marks dad. Once dinner was over, Spence fed the seagulls with his grandpa, we then threw stones into the sea and Spence and I went hunting for shells and large rocks! It’s so nice living near the beach and at the time of day, it wasn’t busy and was so peaceful hanging out and having fun with the family xx


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