Our World this Week- 28th May xx

This weather this week was scorching so we spent lots of time outside going for walks and playing in the garden. At the beginning of the week, I took Coen for a walk in the sun around the village, whilst running errands- I took a long route to make the most of the time outside. Then on Wednesday morning we went back to Petersfield lake to see the ducks and have a walk around the lake. 

Coen tends to have a longer afternoon nap for at least an hour which is when I catch up on chores and potentially some TV if I get the time. However, this week I made the most of the sunshine and sat in the garden and read my book while Coen snoozed. I have just started the book Keystone which was written by a friend of ours- so far I’m very impressed!

The rest of the week, we spent our days in the garden playing games and chilling out! The hot weather meant I spent most of the time making sure the boys were covered in suncream, wearing hats and not getting dehydrated! A mum never stops worrying! All the while, I was getting burnt and having headaches from dehydration! 


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