Our World, this week- 21st May x

We had a pretty easy week this week, we didn’t go particularly far. I took Coen on a few walks as the weather was getting nice. I have bought him a few short sleeved rompers for summer and I’m so happy that I finally get to dress him in them. I love the Mickey Mouse one above from Next. 

On Tuesday, while Coen was napping and before picking Spence up from nursery, I decided, rather randomly to bake a cake. I had received an email from Kitchen Stories showing ideas on cakes to make for Mother’s Day (although our UK Mother’s Day was months ago!) I decided to pick the cake that is apparently so easy that children can make it! I made the bulk of the cake in the afternoon including the creme fraiche icing and let Spence decorate it when he got home from nursery. When we finally got to have a slice….oh my god, it was the best cake I have ever made!! I’m rather shocked at myself! I’m absolutely useless at making cakes- I once used a cake tin that was too big for the recipe so ended up with a really thin cake! I ended up having to make 3 of them and layer it just to make it normal height! 

However, it was also the biggest cake I have ever made, and seeing that there was only 3 of us, (one being a toddler that shouldn’t eat much cake) I had to keep inviting people round for cake! Which I’m sure they didn’t mind…and I didn’t either as it meant I could eat some at the same time! 

Coen seems to have kept up his 11 hour sleeping pattern. Now that I have officially given up breastfeeding (sob!) I can’t give him a sneaky 5am breastfeed and send him back to sleep. Although most days he manages to get to 6:30am before waking up for the day. 

Mark and I alternate who gets up early, leaving the other to sleep in until about 8am! 


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