Have I just given up breastfeeding?

If you have read any of my other posts, you will realise that I’m pretty obsessed with Coens nighttime sleep!

The last few days, Coen has started to refuse his 10pm bottle feed which scares me a little, because I’m pretty sure this is the reason he sleeps until 5am! Last night we decided to bottle feed Coen at bedtime rather than his normal boob feed and not wake him at 10pm and see how long he sleeps for. 

He slept until 7:15am! He slept for 11.5 hours- wwhhaaaaat! 

Although I am so happy that he slept through and am totally prepared for this being a one-off but if it isn’t, then I may have just given up breastfeeding as I only boob fed him at night! I feel like I needed to be a bit more prepared to give up, I didn’t know the last feed was the last feed! It makes me sad that I might not have our little times where he would snuggle up to me for a feed. It makes me sad that I might never breastfeed again! 

My supply was waning anyway so even if he slept through for 2 nights, that might be enough for supply to completely dry up! Let’s see what tonight brings…


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