28 weeks, farm visits and a diseased household- 14th May xx

So those nights where Coen slept until 6am? They are gone! They were just a short glorious phase! He does however sleep until 4am-5am, I then feed him and put him back to sleep and he wakes at roughly 7am-8am- I can handle this and hopefully his sleep will get longer. We have had two nights where he refused his 10pm dream feed and ended up waking up at about 1am and again at 5am, which I guess was out of hunger- at least we know not to drop that feed if we want precious sleep! 

A few weeks ago, Coen rolled over for the first time and since then he hasn’t really been that interested in doing it much, it’s definitely stepped up a notch- if I turn my back for one second, he has rolled to a different area of the room! His automatic reaction to be placed on the floor is to roll over, which makes changing his nappy a bit of a challenge! 

We had a bit of a busy week. On Tuesday, I took Coen to the lake, not that he seems particularly interested in it, it’s just nice to take him for a walk in the sunshine with nice views. I tend to go there about once a week, straight after dropping Spence off at nursery. As it’s early, I walk to the cafe there, get myself a tea and sausage sandwich and find myself a bench with a good view to enjoy then! If Coen is asleep, I may even get some time to read my book in the sun! 

On Thursday, I had another date with my friend Lucy, she took us to a farm, not far from where she lives. It’s pretty cute and looked so old fashioned. Spence and Jacob played together and walked hand in hand which was so cute. The farm had a play area as well so let them burn off a bit of steam!

We had a rubbish end to the week- both Mark and I had a bug, between us we had DnV- he had the D and I had the V! Being ill and needing to throw up is the worst when you have children. It would be so lovely to be able to just lie on the bed or couch, watching tv or sleeping as I feel like death but unfortunately kids still need to be fed, dressed and worse…entertained! I spent the day trying to persuade Spence to watch the iPad, persuade Coen to nap and counting the minutes until their bedtime! Luckily as none of them have learnt to tell the time, they didn’t notice that they went to bed half an hour earlier than normal! 


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