27 weeks, 6 months and play dates- 7th May xx

So, at the end of last week, Coen had slept through the night and I can confirm that this has continued through this week too! He seems to alternate nights where he either sleeps through until 6ish or he wakes up about 4am for a feed then goes back to sleep. It seems to depend on his daytime feeds, if he finishes his bottles, he sleeps longer if he doesn’t he wakes. 

I’m still not totally relaxing, just in case this is just a phase, a sweet glorious phase. But I don’t want a sleepless night to creep up on me. If this is permanent, what will I have to moan about! 

I took Coen to clinic this week and he now weighs 16lbs 3oz. 

This week, I have started weaning Coen, it’s been a few days and so far he’s not impressed! As with Spence, we are going through the Baby Led Weaning route, so as it’s his first week, I’m not expecting him to actually eat anything. I do love seeing his facial expressions everytime he puts something new in his mouth. So far, he seems to like strawberries, toast, celery and baby corn. The biggest reaction was when I gave him cheese, he seemed disgusted and threw it on the floor!

Although I love all these developments that Coen is going through, it makes me a little sad that this is the last time that I will be experiencing them. I have already had to put away the carrycot, crib, breast pump and now the steriliser! I have even started selling my maternity clothes on eBay! 

As part of my plan to encourage Spence to be more independent and social, I arranged two play dates. The first was with my friend Lucy and her son Jacob who is about a year younger than Spence but he does see him quite regularly. We went to a small soft play  so they could burn off some energy. Spence was quite cute with Jacob he would help him go up and down the steps and would wait for Jacob to catch up, if he was behind. 

The second play date was at our house with a friend from his nursery, whose mum I get on with fairly well. Spence wasn’t too bad but we did have a few instances with sharing his toys which I guess is to be expected from a couple of 3 year olds. We rarely have other children round our house so maybe Spence just needs more practice at sharing xx


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