25 weeks- an emotional rollercoaster

Coen turned 25 weeks, just one more week until he turns 6 months, then the fun begins! We can ditch the steriliser and we can start weaning- I so can’t wait to get him started on food- I took a trip to IKEA to stock up on some Tupperware and plates and bowls. 

I love IKEA but it is tough when you are on your own with a baby! I obviously couldn’t get a trolley because I had the pram, they don’t have baskets, just those massive bags so I had to hold one of those while pushing the pram which was fine at first but a pain when the bag starting to become full (I am the weakest person!). We managed to get to the checkout in one piece but of course IKEA don’t supply bags, only those gigantic massive ones that you have to pay for and I always forget to bring with me. I refused to buy one this time as I have about 5 at home! But then this meant I didn’t have anything to carry my purchases in so had to do a mixture of loading up the pram and carrying bits myself whilst pushing the pram- did I mention how weak I am? Then obviously you can’t leave Ikea without having a hotdog! So… I was there with a heavily packed pram, a sleeping baby, my arms filled with stuff I don’t actually need, a hotdog in my hand and trying to push the pram using my stomach! What the hell! I managed it though! Yay me! 

Now to discuss the topic that I am most obsessed with- Coens sleep! So the first four nights of the week were probably the worst of my life- we woke up every hour to 90 mins which is worse than when he was a newborn! The only thing that would comfort him and send him back to sleep was feeding him. On the fourth night, after already being up 3 times, instead of feeding him, I tried other ways to comfort him, nothing worked and after 45 mins of crying, I gave in and fed him, whilst vowing that the next night we would start sleep training. 

The next night came, and he slept until 4am, he woke, not crying, just making noises so I decided to leave him for 10 mins to see if he would settle. Before the 10 minutes was up he was back to sleep and woke again at 6:30am and I was happy to get up- technically, he had slept through the night for the first time ever! Wahoo! Amazing! 

The next night, thinking the previous night was a one-off, I didn’t have high expectations, but he slept through until 4am, after 15 mins he hadn’t settled so I got up to feed him, he went back to sleep until 8am. I can handle this, please please please let this be the start of something beautiful!

This week, Coen has also found his voice which is a mixture of cute and funny. He ‘chats’ away non stop! We definitely know when he wakes up in the morning or from his naps as he chats away very loudly! 

We have bought Coen a jumperoo, he was a bit uncertain of it at first but by the end of the week, he was jumping around in delight! 

This week, I braved taking both Spence and Coen out on my own to a soft play area. It went perfectly fine, Spence just went off and played, which I wasn’t expecting. This meant I could sit and look after Coen. Spence came back every now and then to proudly show me how he had been playing on his own. 

Spence is currently going through the most annoying phase to date- the ‘why’ phase! This is how a typical conversation goes:

Spence: what is that?

Me: it’s rain!

Spence: why is it raining?

Me: that’s just the weather

Spence: why is that just the weather?

Me: erm.. I don’t know?!

Spence: why don’t you know?? 

He wants to know the reason for everything doing everything- it’s a funny yet irritating phase that I can’t wait to stop!!


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