Legoland Visit! 

We told Spence that we were planning on going to legoland about a week ago and he was so excited. We spent ages pouring over the map of the park as we planned how we would spend our day! He has really gotten into lego these days so I knew he would love it! Mark had never been and I have only been once years ago when it first opened. 

I had been checking the forecast constantly for about a week and we seemed to have picked the one day that was forecast to rain in the last few weeks! We packed up so much stuff in addition to the mountains of things you normally need to lug around with you when having a toddler and a baby that I was a bit worried about how we would physically carry everything around the park! In the end, we decided to leave both mine and Marks raincoats in the car….on the day it was forecast to rain….clever us! It seemed sunny when we arrived- what could go wrong?…

It’s a long drive from the entrance of the of the park to the car park but as you drive you see Lego men and women doing various activities at the side of the road, which fascinated Spencer as he had never seen Lego that big before!

As we got our tickets and made our way into the park there were large Lego dinosaurs and people. Spence was in his element, he was running from one Lego sculpture to the next in amazement! 

First stop on our plan (after all of us running for a wee after our long car journey) was the Lego Star Wars Exhibition- with both Mark and Spence being fans- this was not going to be missed! It was awesome- it’s amazing what people can do with Lego. There were massive battle scenes and spaceships and a giant sculpture of the Death Star- it was amazing! 

We made our way to the rides but Spence was reluctant to go on any as they were either too high, too fast or too scary. At first we were a little worried that we had spent a small fortune on entrance tickets for a day where Spence didn’t want to do anything and we were a bit worried that we had the only child in history to not like theme parks but then we realised that firstly- he was only 3! And secondly, he had never been to a theme park before so some of it must have seemed a bit daunting to him. We relaxed a bit with him and of his own accord he wanted to go on a boat ride with me! I was so proud to be going on his first ever ride with him! He ended up going on that boat ride 3 times. Spence started to warm up to it and went on a few more rides until the heavens opened and we were confronted with the rain that was forecasted while our rain coats were safely back in the car! 

We took this opportunity to seek shelter in a burger restaurant in the pirates area where we had lunch and fed Coen who seemed completely unaffected by the excitement of the day and had even fit in a few naps. 

Spence was determined to go to the castle in the Nexo Knights area. He had seen the picture on the map and it was the place he was most looking forward to going.  He wanted to go on the dragon ride in the castle but Mark and I knew that the ride was a full on rollercoaster and there was no way he would want to go on it. The Knights area had a small train rollercoaster which Spence thought looked too scary and a smaller version of the dragon ride which Spence definitely thought looked too fast. He still wanted to go to the castle. We showed him a picture of the ride- he still wanted to do it. Mark offered to queue up with him, both of us convinced he would pull out when he got to the front. I had to wait outside with Coen but asked Mark to text me in case they did go on so I could find somewhere to watch. Then I got the text: ‘he’s doing it!’ I could believe it! He thought almost every ride in the park was too scary including a lot of ‘baby’ rides but wanted to do the most fastest and scariest ride of them all! I watched in amazement and recorded the whole thing- I was shocked. I waited for them to come out and told him how proud I was of him but I think the poor thing was a little in shock! Bless him! 

Once Spence had recovered, we headed to Mini-Land where there were tonnes of Lego models of places in London and around Europe. I was expecting to see a few little buildings but they covered quite a large area that I had to stop taking photos and record a video instead- it was very impressive! 

At this point in the day, we were all a bit shattered (and wet!) so we decided to call it a day….after one more visit to the Star Wars exhibition. 

We all had a fab day and will definitely visit again soon. I have a few tips for anyone wanting to visit:

  • If possible, visit legoland mid week during term time as it is cheaper on those days and a lot quieter, we barely had to queue for a ride. 
  • Arrive at 10am when the park opens as it will be a bit quieter then and you can fit in everything you want to do before the park closed at 5pm
  • Book your tickets online over a week in advance of your visit as this will save money. Children under 3 go free but unfortunately they don’t differentiate between a child and adult so a child’s ticket can be as much as £60! 
  • You can also book your parking online in advance to save time queuing, although it isn’t any cheaper booking it online. 
  • We brought a picnic with us as you can probably imagine that food prices are high. We noticed that a burger was approx £8 and wasn’t a nice gourmet burger that you would expect for that price
  • Be mindful that some restaurants and rides could be closed during the off peak times.
  • It can be a bit of a nuisance if it rains as very few things are under cover. We found this particularly difficult when the rain also coincided with Coens feeding time. There was nowhere under cover for me to feed him. I asked someone who worked on one of the rides where I could go to feed him, he informed me that the nearby restaurants were closed and kindly gave me a stool next to his booth. Although this was nice of him, it was a little impractical, so we trekked to another restaurant and fed him there- hoping no one would see that we weren’t actually eating their food! 
  • Having a pram board is a huge help. It’s a long day with lots of walking around and Spence got a bit tired towards the late afternoon so having a pram board for him to stand on was a relief- it’s just a shame you can’t get them for adults! The park does hire out a variety of prams for kids to sit in. I’m not sure how much this was though. 
  • Download The legoland app, its so informative and has a map of the park on it which is more useful than having to keep opening up the massive paper version. 

Hope you have fun! xx


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