24 weeks, Quirky Cinema, shopping in Chichester and seeing friends- 23rd April xx

So this week, Coen turned 24 weeks and rolled over for the first time- yay! We are currently trying to decide on whether to get him a walker or a jumperoo. We borrowed a jumperoo when Spence was little which he loved so I’m currently looking at second hand ones. I feel a bit bad that Coen is basically going to be a ‘hand me down baby’.  Having already had a boy it made sense to keep all of Spencer’s old clothes and toys for Coen. Coen has had a few new things but I’m reluctant to buy anything expensive which he will only use for a few months before becoming redundant. I’m sure he doesn’t mind!

We will be weaning Coen in two weeks when he turns 6 months. I have just started getting prepared. I’m re reading the Baby Led Weaning books that I bought when we went through it with Spence, I got out Spencer’s old Bumbo and high chair and I will make a trip to IKEA next week to stock up on more Tupperware and baby bowls. I just need to get a few more bibs. 

This week, as a birthday treat from my friend Lucy, she took me to a place called Cafe au Cinema in Southsea which was a quirky little place that showed films. It was quite small with enough room for a large projector screen and some comfy beanbags and chairs. There was also a small area that supplied drinks, popcorn and cakes etc. They showed different genres of films on the different days of the week such as old classics on Mondays, Horror on Tuesdays. Lucy took me to see the Hitchcock film Rebecca as we are currently reading the book in our newly formed book club! I loved this cute place- I’m definitely going to keep checking out their films and go again! 


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