23 weeks part 2, Easter and Breakfast in his PJs- 16th April xx

Ok so I might have had a little rant about my awful night this week. It was the worst night of many! We had 2 nights where Coen just wanted to sleep in our arms rather than his cot, which is so weird because that has never happened and he hasn’t slept in our arms since he was just a few months old! Luckily it only happened twice this week and it hasn’t developed into a habit! The rest of the week he woke up once or twice in the night which I can deal with! 

I didn’t venture out too far with Coen this week, the weather was quite nice so on Monday and Tuesday I just took him out for a walk around the village. If he fell asleep while I was out I would sit on a bench in one of the parks and either read, blog or listen to a podcast in the sun then would head back home when he woke in time for lunch. 

On Wednesday, I took him to get weighed. I took him to a different clinic as the one in my village only has the weigh in clinic twice a month and due to appointments and my birthday, I had missed them. The other weigh in clinic was a bit different as we could weigh the babies ourselves and the health visitors were on hand if we needed any guidance.  Coen now weighs 15lbs 10oz. I spoke to the health visitor about our new combination feeding and she seemed to think it was a good idea and gave me some info to read about weaning. I’m looking forward to weaning our little guy, I think he will enjoy it! 

This weekend was obviously Easter which meant Mark got 4 days off work to spend with us guys. We had a few trips to the park (there are about 5 in our village!) and we spent Easter Sunday with Marks family celebrating Easter and also Marks dads Birthday! Spence loved his first ever Easter Egg hunt with his cousin, they were running around their grandpas garden with their basket looking for eggs- so cute!

On the Bank Holiday Monday, I woke dying for a full English breakfast so decided to go out for breakfast, unfortunately the one day that Coen decides to have a two hour morning nap is when we really want to go out! As soon as he woke, we put him straight in his car seat and went to get breakfast- we arrived 10 mins before they stopped serving and poor Coen spent most of the day in his PJs! 


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