23 weeks- warning this baby knows torture! xx

Well this week, I learned something very important- babies are so incredibly unpredictable and probably put on this earth as a form of torture! 

You might be able to tell that I’m so tired and a touch grouchy!

So this week, Coen turned 23 weeks and I was beginning to think I knew where I stood with him. But no, my cute little bundle wasn’t satisfied with his parents being merely ‘tired’ he decided to break us and make us so incredibly tired that we were on the verge of hallucinating and couldn’t even recall our own names! 

Surely the easiest thing in the world is going to sleep? It requires zero effort! Firstly- lay down- he has that covered because that’s all he can do. Secondly- close your eyes and sleep! Thirdly- stay that way until a DECENT length of time has passed! 

I get that ‘decent’ might be subject to personal preference- hopefully it would mean 8 hours, but I would accept 4-5 as the minimum in order to keep me sane. Hell, I have even experienced 2 hours and I was still (sort of) functional. What definitely is NOT DECENT is 20 mins to one hour- ALL NIGHT! At one point, I thought there was literally no point in going to bed to even try to sleep, I was contemplating just going downstairs, putting a film on and letting the little monster sleep on me! 

This is how our night went: he woke first after 3 and a half hours, not too bad, pretty average. He only fed for 10 mins before falling asleep which was pretty unusual so I wasn’t too surprised when he woke 20 mins later. I tried to feed him again but he didn’t want to and for the first time ever he just fell asleep in my arms so I put him back down. Half hour later, he woke again so Mark went down to settle him and put him down. An hour later (wahoo) he woke again, he still didn’t want feeding and fell asleep immediately in my arms. 20 mins later he woke again…and repeat until 6am! 

The little guy has a cold and the health visitor said he is potentially teething although I cant see any evidence of this in his mouth. So this better be the reason why he was up all night and wasn’t just an a-hole baby assassin trying to finish me off with severe sleep deprivation. 

This is the first time he has slept this terribly so I will let him off because he is cute but next time I may just have to cry back in his face! 


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