Birthday Fun xx

Don’t be deceived by this Birthday cake, my husband was trying to make me feel better about turning 34! Spence thought I was turning 3 so it’s all fine!

My Birthday celebrations started the day before with the delivery of my new car! I was so excited that I was getting a new car and the customer service at Mercedes was so amazing that they managed to arrange delivery for my birthday, they even gave me some flowers to celebrate! I was so sad to say goodbye to my old car but I love love love my new one!

On the day, I was woken to a very happy Spencer giving me a present and then insisting that he helped me open it and Mark carrying Coen and the most amazing birthday cake complete with candles- birthday cake for breakfast- yum!!

We all got dressed, made a picnic and headed off (in my new car) to Marwell Zoo which turned out to only be about half an hour away! 

We had an amazing day, the sun was out, as were all the animals so we got to see lots. Spence pretty much dictated the day- letting us know which animals he wanted to see, when he wanted lunch, that we had to get the tractor train and when he wanted to leave! We didn’t mind though, we all had a great day and was totally exhausted when we got home! 


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