22 weeks, walks and playing in the forest- 9th April xx

This week our little dude turned 22 weeks. I don’t have anything major to report, his sleep seems to be slightly better and consistent as he seems to only wake once at night. I wonder if this is because we have increased the number of formula feeds a day. I generally alternate his boob and formula feeds but if we are out when a boob feed is due, we will take a bottle of formula with us. It isn’t because I’m uncomfortable feeding in public, I really have no problems with it, it’s just that he gets so distracted when he feeds that he can’t sit still long enough to have a boob feed in public, to be honest it’s hard enough trying to get him to bottle feed. But at least I don’t have the issue of my naked boobs flying around everywhere! However now I’m starting to worry if my supply is dwindling and whether we should just switch to 100% formula feeds. I want to keep boob feeding especially as we aren’t planning on having anymore children and it’s my last time that I will ever get to do it but at the same time I cant potentially starve my baby if he isn’t getting enough on feeds! Argh- mum guilt at its worst!

On happier notes, the weather has been pretty spectacular this week! We have managed to get out loads! At the beginning of the week, while Spencer was at nursery I took Coen to Petersfield Lake. The lake is huge and good for feeding the ducks and playing in the kids playground, however I took Coen for a walk round it. I love walking so I’m glad having Coen so small is a good excuse to get out and see nice views! I took a walk around the lake stopping at the cafe to get a tea and kitkat, then walked back stopping halfway to sit and enjoy my tea with a nice view and a sleeping baby. Pure bliss! 

The weekends is when we can do things as a family as Spence isn’t at nursery and Mark isn’t at work. We wanted to make the most of the nice weather so took the kids to 100 Acre Woods which is only about 10 mins away. Spence played on the climbing bits while we helped and watched with Coen and then we had a mini picnic on the green xx


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