21 weeks, Parks and lots of Playing- 2nd April xx

This week Coen turned 21 weeks and turned 5 months today. I don’t have anything new to report with his development- his sleep is still very inconsistent! When I have a night where he wakes every two hours, I vow that the next night I’m starting sleep training, but the next night comes and it turns out he only gets up once so I decide not to sleep train after all but then the next he gets up every 2 hours again…and repeat this pattern on a continuous loop…until I go insane! 

Due to his disastrous feeding, we decided to start combination feeding. We now alternate his feeds with breast and formula so we can make sure that he gets enough. I’m sure he has started to look chunkier in the last few days! 

This week, Mark had a day off work so we decided to take advantage of the warm(ish) weather and go to Staunton Country Park where we have an annual membership. It’s a good place to take small children as there are lots of animals to see and feed as well a big outdoor play area and a soft play area inside one of the barns. We got a bit of a surprise when we bumped into Spencer’s best friend from nursery and his parents! At nursery these two guys are inseparable and when Spence comes home all we hear about is what he got up to that day with Max, so it was really cute to see them both playing outside nursery with their games and funny jokes and having a good time! 

The weather was good again at the weekend so we walked to the large park in the middle of our village, it has tonnes of play bits there for kids of all ages so we thought Spence would enjoy it a bit more than the basic small park that was in our road. Surprisingly, he didn’t like it as much- I’m not sure if it’s because it was so busy or that he just preferred his old familiar park but we weren’t there long before Spence wanted to leave and go to his favourite smaller park! 

This week, I finished Happy Baby, Happy Mum by Giovanna Fletcher. I’m a bit of a Giovanna fan girl- I follow her on instagram, Facebook, I read her columns in Mother & Baby and now I have finished her book. I had to ration myself otherwise I could have just sat down, ignored my children and husband and read the whole book in one go. I forced myself to read it in smaller chunks so it would last longer, even so I still finished it within a couple of days and I’m a bit gutted that I have finished. The book details her journey into motherhood and how she has to juggle work and being a mum and wife. It’s not an advice book but it’s nice to read about someone else’s experiences and it’s nice to know that even celebrity mums are in the same boat as everyone else and that we all soldier on doing the best we can for our little ones. 


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