Mothers Day- Afternoon tea and hunting Gruffalo!

I never celebrate Mothers Day with my own mum so until a few years ago, this day meant nothing to me. But these days I do look forward to this special day, I get to spend the day with my little family doing something exciting!

I was given a little lie in and was woken up by Spence, very excited to give me a present which he insisted on helping me unwrap!

We had high tea style brunch at the Vintage Tea Rooms in Fareham which was so nice, i had never been there before- it was so cute! Although we took some lunch with us for Spence, he was quite happy to steal some of our sandwiches and cake! He looked the ultimate cool dude eating his afternoon tea with his sunglasses on! 

From the tea room, we headed over to the Alice Holt forest in Farnham. Spence is currently obsessed with the Gruffalo and the forest has a few statues for kids to see, Spence was so excited, we walked around the forest reciting the book from memory whilst trying to find the Gruffalo. After our exhausting day, the poor little dude crashed out in the car on the way home. 

I ended my Mothers Day with a peaceful yoga session…and more tea and cake! 


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