Our world this week- 26th Mar xx

This week our little dude turned 20 weeks which I hear is an important time. I was hoping it meant sleeping through the night but unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky! 

He has definitely kept me on my toes! I can’t complain too much as he is quite a chilled out baby- I can leave him on his playmat while I quickly make a cup of tea or do a quick Hoover! However, feeding him has become an utter nightmare, I have had to start giving him more and more bottles just to make sure that he drinks enough! He gets so distracted when I boob feed him, he won’t stay still, he just wants to look around the room, even if I take him upstairs to feed him in a quiet room, with no TV or noise, he pretty much tries to turn around constantly, I can get him to successfully stay still for 10 mins if I’m lucky! I’m a bit worried that I might have to stop boob feeding!

He has definitely kept us on our toes when it comes to sleeping! He started the week, with a few days where he woke once maybe twice a night, I was quite enjoying it. I could see a light at the end of my sleep deprived tunnel. But last night, he woke up literally every 2 hours!! What does this kid have against sleep!!

This week, we took a little trip to Petersfield Lake to feed the ducks. Spence loved feeding them- we went through 3 bags of duck feed! 

This week was also Coens first trip to the cinema! We went to a baby screening of Beauty and the Beast. I took Spence to a few films when he was a baby, I’m such a film buff so it’s a good way of me being able to still see some films and also take them with me. The screening of Beauty and the Beast was packed of lots of mums and babies, it’s good because their is no judgment at all! It’s perfectly fine if your baby cries, feeds or rustles food packets. Although Coen is a chilled out baby, I was a little worried that he wouldn’t be quiet for the two hour film and trailers! I was hoping that he would fall asleep. I put his car seat on the chair so he could see the screen but just as the film started, he started to get a bit antsy so I fed him for about half hour, he spent the middle part of the film on my lap watching the film quietly then I fed him again towards the end and he slept for the last half hour of the film. It meant I could enjoy the film completely! 

On Saturday, we visited Marks mum to celebrate Mothers Day, we did it a day early so we could spend some quality time with her. The last few years, it has been difficult fitting in both seeing her and my celebrations in on the same day, so at least she got a special day to herself and I think she enjoyed it. Spence loves visiting his nanny as she has masses of Lego from when Mark was a boy. I love Lego and I always seem to be playing it long after Spence has gotten bored! xx


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