19 weeks xx

This dude turned 19 weeks! I can’t believe it’s only a month and a half until we start weaning him!


So feeding seems to have picked up a bit, still every four hours and he still gets totally distracted when he feeds. He just wants to have a look around, which is difficult when breastfeeding so I have to make the room quiet or take him upstairs to feed. 

We had him weighed this week and he now weighs 14lbs 13oz which means he has put on 13oz in two weeks! I’m so pleased! 


He still isn’t too bad with napping although I do find that if we go out for the day and deviate from his routine that it takes a few days for his naps to go back to normal. He sleeps anytime from 30 mins to 2 hours. However, if he wakes after 30 mins this doesn’t seem to be enough sleep and then he needs another nap in about an hours time! Also, his first nap will be at different times because he usually needs a nap about 90 mins after waking but his wake up time isn’t consistent, one day he will get up at 6:30 and another will be 8:30. I guess this will sort itself out when he starts sleeping through. 

Nighttime Sleep

His night sleep this week has been really up and down. The first few days seemed to have gone back to normal where he only gets up twice- at 2am and 5am. But this was followed by a night where he woke every 1.5 to 2 hours. The next night he slept for a blissful 7 hours, then the following night he woke every 2 hours and then last night went back to just twice a night! I literally have no idea what to expect every night! 

Similar to last week, he is so close to rolling over and he keeps putting everything in his mouth. I think he might be teething as he is chewing on everything, dribbling like crazy and getting a bit grouchy, but I can’t see anything coming through. 

He has also been blowing raspberries pretty much continuously and he has started poking out his tongue which looks cute. 

This week we have been out and about a bit. The weather has been quite nice so we went for a few walks and even played in the garden. We also went to visit my friend Lucy and her son Jacob for a play and some lunch. 

Coen also had his third set of injections this week, I’m glad they are over now until he is a year old. This time they made him grouchy and nap pretty much all day! xx


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