18 weeks xx

I have been a bit late posting this weeks update as I have had an awful few days! In some ways my week has been awesome and in some ways so bloody hard! So let’s begin…


Following on from last week where I felt like a shitty mother for not knowing Coen wasn’t getting enough boob milk, I have managed to increase my supply, which I think is what my issue was. I used to have such a powerful let down that poor Coen would choke and get sprayed in the face whenever I fed him and I always only fed from one boob at each feed. About a month ago my hose-like boobs changed and I assumed that they had finally adjusted to Coens feeding habits, instead I think they were drying up hence why no weight gain. This week I have been giving him both boobs and my supply has definitely increased because I’m back to spraying him in the face- poor kid! 

However although now Coen has all the milk he could possibly want, his distraction at feeds has hit a new level! I can’t get him to stay still for 5 mins to feed, he wants to look all around and see what’s going on. If I talk to someone, he stops feeding and stares at me. I try and take him upstairs to feed now but this isn’t always easy to do when I also have to look after Spencer. His feeds are not very long at all and it’s making me worried all over again. 


This is where my week turned awesome. Coen just suddenly started napping like a dream! Last week he was screaming for hours when I tried to nap him and this week, I just put him down, give him a kiss and walk out! Not a peep and he’s asleep within a few mins. Also, his length of naps have increased, before he would wake after half an hour whereas this week, he has been sleeping up to two hours! I guess being persistent helped. What has also helped is knowing when to nap him. I think maybe I was leaving it just a little too late and he became over tired. I now know that he will nap exactly 90 mins after he has woken in the morning and he will nap again two hours from when he last woke. Thank god something has gone right!

Night time sleep

And this is where my week has turned bloody awful! Where is has gotten a lot better with napping, he has gotten a lot worse with nighttime!

I still remember a few weeks ago where he would wake once, maybe twice a night. Then he started waking three times, then every 2 hours, then this week it has been every 1-1.5 hours then last night was an all time low with every half hour- I actually cried! It takes a lot for me to cry but he has finally broken me! I just can’t understand why he is waking so often, he can’t be hungry that often!

My husband is really great and has been getting up early with the kids and letting me lie in. I hope this is a weird phase that will pass because I’m started to dread the nights! This is worse than when he was a newborn! 


Coen picks up things so well now and he keeps trying to put his toys in his mouth which is another way of exploring. He can easily roll from his front to his back and is now starting to try and roll from his back to his front- I think he will get there in the next few weeks! I think it’s funny when I leave him on his playmat to get something from another room and I come back to find he has turned himself 180 xx


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