My little guy is growing up! 

Looking at my blog and instagram you might think that I only have one child, I have two. The older one now seems to run and hide doing ‘no paps’ every time we try and take a photo of him so it’s very rare to get a good photo of him these days!

My gorgeous toddler seems to be getting so grown up and it seems to have happened so suddenly in the last few weeks!

When Coen came along, Spence seemed to regress a little, which apparently is normal. He suddenly wanted to be carried upstairs instead of showing us how well he could climb them. When we were out, he wanted to be carried instead of walking himself, he wanted to be spoon fed, he wanted us to pull his trousers up when he went to the loo and he wanted us to pick things up for him that were about 2cm away from him! If we tried to encourage him to do these things for himself he would cry. At first, we thought he had just turned lazy but it soon became evident that he was trying to get attention. 

However, in the last few weeks, he has started to turn this around and is becoming way more independent. 

He now insists on doing some things himself even if I try to help him. Every evening after his bath, he puts on his underwear and PJs himself and when he does, he is so pleased with himself that he runs up to Mark to show him. He likes to wash his hands on his own and without being asked, he now walks up and down the stairs without help (although I am always right next to him in case an accident happens) he is getting better at feeding himself and we aren’t quite there with everything but I’m so pleased at how fast he has developed over the past few weeks. His speech has also suddenly come on leaps and bounds!

Last week Mark had a date with Spence and took him to the cinema for the first time! We were both a bit apprehensive about whether he would be able to sit still for the entire film but apart from a few toilet breaks (and missing a vital part of the film!) he was so good!

When I dropped him off at nursery, he went off to play with his best friend Max, then all of a sudden he said ‘Mummy, hold on!’ he came up to me to give me a hug and kiss. It literally melted my heart and I nearly cried right there in the middle of his nursery! 

My little guy is getting so grown up! 


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