16 weeks…

So, this guy turned 16 weeks. I love this dude, he is so smiley and I love that he giggles so much every time I change his clothes! 


This week has been a right nightmare with naps! Since being ill a few weeks ago, his napping had deteriorated. Last week, he napped but not for long- this week has been the worst! I can’t even get him down for a nap! As soon as I put him down, he screams his head off. I can see that he is so tired and sometimes his eyes are closed while he is screaming but he just won’t sleep! I spend about 3 hours every afternoon trying to get him to nap but it’s just not happening and just when I decide to give up and get him out of his cot, he cries because he is so overtired! I’m literally at my wits end! Some afternoons, I have to feed him just to get him to calm down! I assume I just need to persevere and it will eventually happen. 

Nighttime sleep

This week his nighttime sleeping became a bit more consistent mostly due to us feeding him at 10pm every night when we go up to bed. He now wakes at about 3-4am and then again at about 6-7am and will then get up at about 8-8:30am. 

Also this week

This week Coen went to his first party, he looked very cute in his outfit. Obviously he didn’t really do much but everyone was pleased to see him and he loved all the attention!

This month Coen is in Mother & Baby magazine! I was so excited when they told me! They got his age wrong but he is still a little superstar!


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