Valentines Day xx

I have never really been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Not because of the usual ‘created by corporations’ reason, I just find it unnecessary. I’m not fussed about cards and I don’t like getting flowers as I think they are a total waste of money- you can literally see your money die! However, Mark is a fan of Valentines so, not wanting to deprive him of a bit of love, we have celebrated it since being together. 

Most years we have just done cards and a takeaway but we make more of an effort since having the kids. These days, Valentines is a bit of a reminder for us to take off our ‘mum and dad hats’ and spend some time as a couple and these days I’m definitely a V-Day convert!

This year, we went to a hot rock steak place, with Coen now sleeping until at least 10pm, it was also the first time we have been out child free since having Coen. I came home fat and happy! 


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