15 weeks…

Coen turned 15 weeks old this week. 

This week has been a bit all over the place, the whole family had a stomach bug which was probably the worst time of my life! Being ill whilst having to look after young kids is THE hardest thing about being a kids parent. I was so ill and constantly throwing up that I just wanted to curl up and die but I also had a toddler that wanted to be entertained and a baby who was also being sick! This meant that any routine that we had completely went out of the window for a few days!


Even before sickness struck us all down, Coen’s feeding hadn’t been great. He would feed for a few mins then stop and stare at me giving me a huge smile, feed for about 30 seconds then stop and stare at me- repeat for about half hour. This meant he would only feed properly at night. I now have to take him upstairs away from everyone to feed so he doesn’t get distracted. 

Post sickness seemed to make him worse. He didn’t want to breastfeed at all. As soon as he got near my boob, he would kick off- it would take me a long time to get him calm enough to feed and even then it would only be for about ten mins! Thankfully he got over this after about two days and he now feeds as he normally does. 


Napping has also taken a bad week! I still have no problems putting him down as long as I do it at the exact time he needs! However, he doesn’t seem to be napping for very long, he will only do an hour max at a time. A few times this week, he has woken after a short while crying even though he is clearly still totally tired, then it has been such a task trying to get him back to sleep! 

Night time sleeping

Due to being ill, we moved Coen into his own room. We thought he would get constantly woken up by Mark and I getting up to throw up!

The first two days were perfect, he slept for 7 hours straight then would wake for a feed then sleep until morning. I realise now that this good sleep was due to him being ill as he soon returned to his inconsistent ways! 

He still goes to sleep at about 7:30pm, but I realised that apart from a few good nights each week he generally wakes sometime between 10:30 and 11:30 which means I have been asleep for about half hour when he wakes and I’m usually in such a deep sleep that I’m cross eyed and barely able to recall my own name! We have therefore decided to dream feed him at 10pm every night when we go to bed and Mark will do this feed. 

I’m also steering him to feed at least every four hours at night as this is what he does during the day. I have also found not getting up immediately when he starts making noises allows him to settle himself back to sleep and makes him sleep a bit longer- having him in his own room helps with this. 

I’m sure we will get to a consistent pattern at some point! 


This week Coen has been trying to reach for things more- sometimes successfully.  I’m so pleased that he starting to take an interest in things around him and toys. 

He also moves around a lot more now, if you put him down on a playmat, he will somehow get to the other side of it within a few mins! Today, I gave him some tummy time and he got so close to being able to roll onto his back! I’m might start giving him more practice on this to see if he can achieve it! 

Also this week

This week, Coen had his second set of injections. He was perfectly fine! Within a few minutes he was back to his smiley self and he had no side effects from them at all. 

This week was also his first Valentines Day!


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