Rainy Days x

This week the weather has been awful, typical British weather of constant rain. I braved it yesterday morning and took Coen to get weighed then took both boys to the cafe for some brunch where we met Mark. 

Mark had a full English breakfast, Spence had a milkshake and teacake and I had pancakes! 

Today, Mark has been away for a conference and won’t be back until tomorrow. This is the second time that I have been left with both boys on my own overnight and I can’t wait until bedtime!

This morning, while Coen was napping, Spence and I made chocolate crispie cakes. Spence was pretty cute breaking up the chocolate, stirring in the crispies and laying out the cases. 

Coen had a long nap this afternoon so Spence and I played Lego, did some colouring and read some books. 

It was nice spending time with my big boy, sometimes it’s so consuming sorting out Coen all the time that I miss out on quality time with Spence so I’m glad we got to hang out together xx


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