12 weeks

This week, this little guy turned 12 weeks, he will be 3 months old next week! He is definitely not a delicate little baby anymore. 


He is starting to do a few new things. He giggles loads, he is such a smiley baby, I just love making him giggle. He is also starting to try and reach and grab for things. He likes to sit up a bit (with my help) so he gets a better view of what’s around him. 


His naps and sleep patterns are a bit more predictable now. He usually needs a nap about 2 hours after he wakes in the morning and then another nap about 1pm or 2pm. I’m getting a bit better at recognising when he starts to look tired so I can get him in his cot before he gets overtired. I found the key to getting him to sleep better and longer was as simple as closing the door over so it was darker in the room! I can’t believe that’s all it took!  I now have no problems putting him to sleep. I just lay him down, tuck him in, put on the white noise and leave and he is asleep within minutes! 

Bedtime routine:

We now have a proper bedtime routine in place. We take both kids up at about 6:30pm, Mark and Spencer have a play around while I get all the bits ready for the bath and the boys outfits ready for the next day. 

To begin with we couldn’t figure out the best way to bath both kids, obviously Spence would want the bath water higher but Coen would need it very shallow, also Spence would want to play in the bath where Coen would need it a bit calmer. The meet all these demands, Mark gets in the bath with the boys. Spence has a few minutes in the bath on his own first so he can play and wash his hair, then I hand Coen to Mark to hold and wash. Coen doesn’t seem to mind the bath at all, in fact one evening this week he fell asleep in the bath- relaxing!

After a short while, I then get Coen out of the bath, dry him and get him dressed. Then Spence comes out, and I do the same for him. Then all four of us go into Spencer’s room for a bedtime story which is quite cute. I then take Coen to his room where I feed him and put him down to sleep while Mark gives in to Spencer’s demands of more stories / hugs / drinks / kisses and then we meet downstairs at roughly 8pm, let out a big sigh and have a much needed cup of tea while we watch Grimm! 


Im starting to exercise a tiny bit more now. Im nowhere near as fit as I was before my pregnancy. I do a Pilates class with Coen on a Tuesday morning and I have started to go for runs. To say my fitness is pitiful is an understatement but I guess it takes time to build back up. 

I have also gotten into the habit of having ‘treats’ in the evening. With my lack of fitness I think I might be piling on the pounds, I really need to get my diet sorted! I developed some bad habits when I was pregnant which I really need to shake! 


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