I’m usually quite good at making sure the kids are clothed, ready, fed and generally still alive. However, I’m not too great at making sure that I’m fed and watered. 

This morning I had Mummy & Baby Pilates with Coen and Mark had to get an early train to London for a meeting, so we had to get our game faces on to make sure everyone got to their appointments on time and Spence got to nursery. 

Spence had the last two slices of bread for toast and I offered Mark the last of the milk for his cereal and of course Coen was well fed. Halfway home from Pilates, I realised that I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything all morning and that we had nothing in the house for lunch and the food shopping wasn’t due to be delivered until the evening! 

And that’s when I saw a McDonalds and literally started salivating! I very rarely have a maccies so its not like I live off junk food- I would have a Happy Meal, so not too bad…and an extra hamburger, because, well, I’m an adult and need it! No one would know…except now the internet and later on my husband when I leave the rubbish in the kitchen.  

I got my Happy Meal (and extra hamburger) home. Coen was still asleep in his car seat, so I sat down and literally set a record for the fastest time a Happy Meal had ever been consumed! I probably looked deranged! I was literally cramming   fistfuls of chips into my mouth, I ate my two hamburgers so fast I gave myself indigestion, I hadn’t even bothered to look to see what toy I got!- within about 38 seconds my lunch was gone and I was sad. 

I now have a headache which I’m not sure is due to my earlier lack of food and dehydration or the amount of junk food that I consumed in such a small time. 

Maybe I should get a glass of water! xx


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