Conquering Nap Time!

I pray this isn’t premature bragging but I feel I have finally conquered naps!

Firstly, I need to explain the layout of our house (strange I know!). Our house has three floors, Mark and I have the top floor and the both boys have bedrooms on the middle floor. As you can imagine, going up and down the stairs every time you need something can be a bit of a pain which is why we need to be a bit organised. For example, I can’t just leave the kids to quickly pop to the top floor! This means every floor has a cute baby box containing nappies, wipes, nappycream and nappies and each floor has a changing mat! I just need to make sure they are all stocked up. 

As Coen sleeps in our room, it means that his crib is up in our room on the top floor. He also has a cot in his bedroom and when he was a tiny baby he had a Moses basket on the bottom floor.

Ok, back to napping. I’m starting to try and get him in a napping routine- he usually sleeps about two hours after he has woken for the day for about half hour, sometimes he has a half hour sleep over lunchtime and then a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. 

I try to take him out everyday so he gets some fresh air (plus I heard that this aids sleep!). I do this every morning so we are back before lunch and so he has his long nap at home. This means his morning nap is usually in his pram while we are out. 

Although he now sleeps fine in his crib, it’s not ideal to put him down for naps up on the top floor so I wanted him to nap in his cot in his bedroom. The only thing is- he hated it! As soon as he would lay down in it, the bottom lip would come out and he would scream bloody murder. He would then cry so much that he was no longer sleepy and some days would not nap!

I googled the sh*t out of it. I did everything they said- I put him down sleepy, I fed him directly before, I put on white noise, I rolled up towels under the sheet either side so he would be snug, I put a mobile up- nothing worked- he hated it!

I don’t know what it was in the end, maybe he finally accepted his fate but I persisted and eventually he slept in there!

The day it happened, I put him in his cot when he looked sleepy. As normal, as soon as he laid down he was wide awake- this time I came armed with toys and played with him a little so he could see that his cot wasn’t so bad after all. I had the white noise app that he has at night (Deep Sleep Sounds), I sat next to his bed reading a book so he could see me and eventually he fell asleep staring at his toys!

We didn’t have immediate success, we had to persevere and I thought he would never sleep in there. A few times my husband would have to stand next to the cot and gently pat his stomach whilst avoiding eye contact and he would eventually sleep. 

I read that if I baby does something for three consecutive days, it would become habit. We managed to achieve the blissful three days and now he has his naps in his cot perfectly fine. I put him down when he is sleepy, he has the white noise app on and occasionally I have to pat his tummy for a few mins before he sleeps but I see this as a victory!

We also put him in his cot straight after bathtime so Mark and I now have our evenings back. We put him down at about 7:30pm, he will sleep in there until about 1:30am when I will feed him and he spends the rest of the night in his crib in our room! 

Sorry for bragging but I’m a little pleased with myself xx


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