10 weeks old..

This little star is 10 weeks old today xx

Things are starting to get easier and I may even venture out with the two boys on my own this week. I’m just waiting on Spence feeling better. 

Coen got weighed yesterday at his doctors appointment- he weighs 12lbs 12oz! I’m not too shocked though it seemed that literally over night he suddenly got massive and some of his clothes became snug! Although he is 10 weeks he has now grown out of some of his 0-3 months clothes! 

Also at his doctors appointment, I got the doc to have a look at his dry skin and we have been given a prescription for some cream and ointment to put in his bath so hopefully that will do the trick!

With regards to sleeping and feeding, nothing has changed really since last week. He seems to go roughly 4-5 hours between feeds and wakes up once maybe twice a night. I keep trying to get him to nap in the cot in his own room, sometimes we manage it and sometimes he screams bloody murder and refuses to be put in it!

I had to go into work this week for a day, which was pretty stressful. So far I have exclusively breastfed Coen. It would have taken me most of the week to express enough milk for him for a full day while I was at work and this would also mess with my flow so we decided to give him formula for the day, luckily it all seemed to work out fine. At least we now have that as a backup if we are stuck. 

We are starting to get our evenings back which is really nice! After bathtime, I feed Coen and attempt to put him in his cot. Again, some nights he will sleep in there fine so Mark and I can enjoy a child free evening. Coen will wake up anytime between 11pm and 1am, where we will then take him into our room for the rest of the night and then some nights he hates it, refuses to sleep in it so he comes downstairs and falls asleep on Mark. I remember Spence was about 3 months before he even napped in his cot so it’s not too bad! 


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