Mummy & Baby Pilates

Today, I attended a Mummy & Baby Pilates class for the first time. Before having Coen, I exercised a lot- I ran a few times a week, I did yoga and also a HIIT class each week. So it was quite tough for me when at 14 weeks pregnant, I got SPD and could barely walk let alone exercise!

I was excited to do a class where I could exercise and also have Coen with me. There were about 10 women in the class all with babies before crawling age. Some of the women laid down blankets and let their babies play on them while we worked out, other women with smaller babies had them next to them during the class and of course some babies were asleep. 

I had Coen next to me on a blanket so he could see me and I could keep an eye on him. He is a pretty chilled out baby so I didn’t have to worry about him being fussy. It was a pretty chilled out environment, mums could attend to their babies as they needed to- one mum had to breastfeed mid class. 

The class itself was so needed for my poor tired body. It wasn’t particularly energetic, there was no sweat involved. The class was targeted towards the areas specific to women who had just had babies- such as the pelvic floor, stomach muscles, the pelvis and stretching out the bad posture caused by slumping when breastfeeding. My body was so stiff from my SPD, it felt so nice to stretch it all out. 

We could use the babies for some of the moves which was fun for us and the babies seemed to like it as well, for example holding them up added extra weight for the mums and giggles for the babies. 

I really enjoyed myself, it was nice meeting other mums and it was good to be exercising again! 


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