Me time….

I was going to call this post ‘Mummy time..’ but I don’t want to be defined as just being a mummy, I’m definitely someone who has interests as well as being a mum xx

This afternoon, Mark took both kids for a visit to his mums while I stayed at home and enjoyed a whole two hours on my own! Before having the boys and before I met Mark, I have always needed some time on my own occasionally to keep me sane, this has been the first time I have had proper alone time since Coen was born. Sure, I have managed to have two baths on my own in that time and have had the odd half hour to read, but this was done in a rush, to get clean as soon as possible before returning to the boys or reading whilst breastfeeding. Today, was pure guilt-free alone time! 

I had to take a few minutes to decide how I was going to spend my limited time. I decided to take some time to pamper myself: I did my bikini line, then washed and exfoliated my face then put on a face mask, finishing with some much needed face oil. I then washed my hair, exfoliated the rest of my body and listened to a history podcast whilst having a bath (which wasn’t the best experience as I let the cold water run a little too long!) I then finished it all off with a tonne of body lotion! I was super clean and also quite slippery from all the lotion and oil! 

I couldn’t decide on whether to watch a film or read, before settling on a cuppa and some peaceful time reading the book it was currently taking me 3 months to finish! I had about twenty mins reading time before the brood returned home. 

They had a great time at nannys and I managed to recharge my batteries! I do love time on my own but I also love spending time with my three guys! xx


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