9 weeks..

Our little sleep stealer is 9 weeks old and so cute- I have never seen a baby that smiles as much as this dude. Although it’s getting harder to capture these smiles- as soon as I pick up my canera, he suddenly stares at it with a shocked expression, so I get a lot of photos that look like this:

I still exclusively breastfeed Coen and had him on a feeding schedule of every 3 hours. I would feed him on this schedule rather than letting him dictate when he wanted to be fed. After speaking to another mummy, I decided to let him demand feeds when he wanted them. He now goes 3-4 hours between feeds and occasionally in the evening, it’s less than this. 

I think this new feeding plan has led to him sleeping a bit longer at night which makes me so happy! I understand that formula fed babies sleep longer at night than breastfed babies as formula is heavier in their tummys and keeps them feeling fuller for longer. Breastfed babies digest breast milk a lot quicker meaning that they need feeding earlier. Coen isn’t exactly sleeping through the night yet but we do sometimes get 4 hours of continuous sleep at a time now! 

We have a doctors appointment for him this week so will find out how much he weighs then after that I will get him weighed regularly at the clinic. He has also been booked in for his first set of injections which isn’t for another 2 weeks. 

Yesterday, I did my first exercise session since having Coen. It was too icy to go out for a run and my gym membership doesn’t start again until march so I did a half hour online HIIT session by The Body Coach. I was knackered just doing the warm up so I’m surprised I managed to finish the whole thing. I then took Coen for a walk around the woods. Today, my body hurts like hell- I had forgotten what that felt like, but at least I know I have made a difference to my body! 


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