Our new Christmas Eve traditions xx

This year, now that our little family unit is complete, we decided to make our own Christmas traditions. 

In preparation of our manic Christmas Day, we decided not to see anyone and spend the day as a family. 

We spent most of the morning in bed, after Coen’s 7am feed, he sleeps until about 10am and Spence had a lie in until about 8:30am. Once both boys were awake we all piled into our bed eating breakfast and watching cartoons. 

We eventually surfaced, got dressed, had lunch and decided to wrap up warm and go for a walk in the woods near our house. It seemed lots of people had the same idea as we saw lots of families and dog walkers enjoying the winter air, it was quite cute seeing people spending time together at Christmas! 

We gave Spence his Christmas Eve box which had PJs, a Christmas book, a Christmas film, a gingerbread man and the ingredients for a hot chocolate. We got Spence all settled down into his new pjs, he ate his gingerbread man, we put Arthur Christmas on and within about ten mins, he had fallen asleep! Coen had fallen asleep on Mark, so both adults were sat watching the Christmas film! This hasn’t been the plan! 

Spence woke just as the film was finishing, we gave him dinner, bathed him, read him a story and we put his stocking out for santa. 

This is the first year we have done a stocking for Spence so we had to explain how it all worked- he was so excited at the thought of there being presents by his bed when he woke that his head nearly exploded! 

It has always been a tradition of Mark and I on Christmas Eve to have a takeaway and watch a Christmas film, we have been doing it since before we had the kids. So Mark went out to get a KFC and we settled down to watch Love Actually. 

Perfect Christmas Eve xx


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