8 weeks…


Our gorgeous little chunk is 8 weeks old. 

He is a chilled out little baby as his big brother was at his age, he very rarely cries. In fact he will only cry if he is overdue a feed or overtired. So, if he cries and has been fed recently and has a clean nappy then I put him down for a little nap and that usually sorts him out. 

He is starting to get himself into a routine:

He generally feeds every 3 hours during the day and night. Occasionally he will go slightly longer and sometimes it will be less time. One night this week he wanted to feed every 2-2.5 hours and it was a killer! 

His sleeping patterns are fairly consistent. We haven’t fully sorted his bedtime routine after his evening bath as we have both him and Spencer to put down. However after the disruptions of Christmas is over, we will have a more solid bedtime routine for him. At the moment, we put Spencer to bed and then take Coen downstairs with us. He either feeds then falls asleep or sits quietly with us while we watch tv. We go upstairs at about 9:30 to get ready to bed and so we are settled for 10pm when Coen is due his feed. After his feed, we put him down for bed and he settles instantly then will wake every 3 hours for a feed, his last feed being 7am, this means we can pretty much get sleep until about 9:30am! 

I read that at his age he should be able to sleep for 4-5 hours at a time at night. This is just not happening, I wonder if he wakes every 3 hours from habit?!

All is good with me. I’m kind of looking forward to Christmas being over so I can get myself into a routine with exercising again. 


6 thoughts on “8 weeks…

  1. We are in a similar boat with bedtime and night feedings. My little guy is formula fed but some nights still wakes at every 3 hours on the clock to eat. Of course he will only eat 2oz and go back to sleep at times.

    We’ve been all over the board anywhere from 3-8 hours at night. The 8 hour only happened once. Have had a few 6 hour stretches. I hope it becomes more consistent soon.


    1. Wow- 6 or 8 hours sounds like heaven right now! The most we have had is about 4 hours!
      He is exclusively breastfed so I’m not sure how much he gets but he wakes up every 3 hours like clockwork- he has his last feed at 10pm then wakes always at 1am, 4am and 7am! Hopefully he will go longer as he gets older and that he isn’t just waking up out of habit!
      How does yours feed during the day?


      1. Those longer stretches are amazing but they’re so few and far in between. Usually at night the first stretch is 4 maybe 5 hours, then 3-4 for the next two. I’ve wondered about waking out of habit too. He takes one really long nap late morning/early afternoon and I haven’t been waking him (4-4.5 hours between bottles) but I’m thinking of cutting that down to 3.5 hours max in hopes he sleeps a bit more at night.

        Daytime is just weird for us. Generally wakes up between 7-8 am and eats, again around 10-11ish and goes down for the long nap. Eats again around 2-3, 5-6, and last bottle around 8-9, then back up anywhere from usually 12-2am.

        I’ve had concerns with the amount he eats (normal is 3-4 oz every 3-4 hours) since he will take 1.5-4.5 oz (usually 2.5-3.5) but my pediatrician’s office keeps assuring me this is normal.

        I plan on having a discussion with his pediatrician about it at his month check up on 11/9. I’ve toyed with the idea of switching formula for 2 weeks now and haven’t done it yet even though I’ve gotten the ok for the switch I want to.

        My daughter had a bunch of formula issues in the beginning and it took 4 formulas to find the right one for her. I see a lot of similar eating patterns between them which is part of the reason I want to switch.


      2. I feed Coen every 3 hours during the day and I feed him at these intervals rather than him demanding to be fed. I wonder if that’s why he only goes 3 hours at night because he is used to these 3 hourly feeds! I might try letting him tell me when he wants to be fed and see if that improves.

        My health visitor always just says that as long as he is putting on weight then everything is fine. I wish I remembered what I did when Spencer, my first, was a baby!


      3. I know once babies are back to birth weight you can let them dictate feedings and that’s what we’ve done for the most part. Sometimes I have to feed him before he’s due if we’re heading out somewhere but other than that I let him pretty much tell me when he’s hungry. You could certainly try it and see what happens.

        I remember all too well what I did with my first as I tracked all bottles and amounts for 8 months. I’m trying not to do that this time around but it’s still hard for me not to overthink it at times.


      4. Oh I know- babies do tend to stress you out! I have an app which monitors every time I feed him and for how long!
        I had my first day of letting him dictate when he wanted to be fed and shockingly it was every 3 hours! I have a feeling I have brainwashed him into it! xx


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