Week 6 came with a baby emergency! 

This week we have had a bit of a tough time with Coen who has been pretty ill. 

Last Friday, he had developed a cough which was hardly surprising as Spencer already had one and hadn’t quite learnt about personal space and not coughing in people’s faces. We took him the the doctors and was prescribed a baby inhaler. 

The next day, he became wheezy, and the inhaler made no impact. I was contemplating taking him to the hospital but was a little worried that they would tell me it was nothing and I was wasting their time. Instead we called 111, the NHS hotline who were so helpful, they told us someone would call us back, and they did literally within 5 mins, I was expecting to wait for hours. The doctor listened to coens breathing over the phone and immediately said that they were sending an ambulance round! I was expecting a car ambulance to turn up with a doctor to check over Coen and make sure he was ok. I was really shocked and slightly panicked when an actual ambulance turned up! 

Two guys rushed into the house wanting to see Coen, they immediately scooped him up and gave us orders about what to do. They had to repeat a few times as we were both so shocked! I was to get in the ambulance with Coen and mark had to follow in his car, they gave him directions but you could tell Mark was too shocked to take in what they were saying.

In the ambulance, they took all of Coens stats such as his temperature, his heart rate and they pricked his foot to get his blood sugar levels. Luckily everything came back normal. They strapped me into the ambulance while I held Coen on my lap and drove to the hospital with Mark driving behind. 

We got seen quite quickly by a nurse who evaluated him and advised that he had bronciolitis which is a baby form of having a severe cold. There isn’t anything they can do to treat him, it seems quite scary as babies have such tiny windpipes that the slightest bit of mucus and make them really wheezy. The doctor came to see us as well, she was so helpful: she told us all the things we need to look out for to show that things are getting worse such as blue lips, really reduced feeds and his whole chest moving when he struggles for breath. She advised that it would last about 7-10 days with days 3-4 being the worst days then he would gradually get better. Knowing that the wheezing was normal really put me at ease and I felt a bit better. They discharged us and we got home at 1am. 

Over the following few days, we kept an eye on him. Days 3-4 were the worst when Coen would only lie down, wheezing and looking really sorry for himself. As the week progressed, he gradually got a bit better. 


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