My Little Dude Turned Three! xx

My gorgeous boy is now a massive 3-year old! He seems so grown up now that we have Coen. He is a proper little person with his own personality and feistiness. Everyday he comes out with new phrases and sentences and I wonder how I hadn’t realised that he had grown so much. Sometimes he surprises me when he runs up to me and gives me a kiss or out of nowhere he says ‘love you mummy’- I just love my little munchkin so much!

We started his birthday with his nativity play at nursery where Spence played the cutest snowman ever to have been in balmy Bethlehem. Even though he had no lines, I was the proudest mummy every time they sang. 

We let Spence play hooky from nursery, so after his nativity, we took him to a soft play where he knackered himself out for three hours! 

We had a Wagamama for lunch then went to Deans Diner for a milkshake. When we finally got home, Spence was so knackered that he slept before even opening any of his presents! We had to give him his birthday cake and sing happy birthday too him the next day! 


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