5 weeks old..

It’s a bit late this week, but baby C is now 5 and a half weeks old! Time is going so quick that I feel like I’m making these posts every other day!

We have had a few nights of fairly decent sleep. Well, decent in the way in which it has become routined. Coen wakes up at three hour intervals for a feed and doesn’t seem to be as noisy when he sleeps which allows us to actually get some sleep. So, although it’s not amazing sleep, it’s definitely a lot better than what we have been used to. I pray that it lasts! 

This week Coen has also started to smile- he has the cutest smile! I sit in front of him, grinning like an idiot, trying to make him smile at me! 

The little dude is a bit of a chunk, he has completely grown out of newborn clothes. We already have a box of clothes that he has grown out of! 

This week, I started to find it a bit sad that Coen is our last baby. We have so many lovely clothes and baby items, that it makes me a bit sad that as Coen grows out of things, they won’t be used again! Although it doesn’t make me sad enough to make me want to have another baby- not yet, anyway xx


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