Village Life…

My running route has now become my buggy route. 

I love our village, it’s so cute! Although if you had asked me when I was in my mid-twenties and in the peak of my party girl years, if I wanted to live here, the answer would definitely have been a big fat No! The village is quite far away from any nightlife, a taxi to civilisation can be expensive on a Friday night and the average age is about 80 years old. 

I moved down here from Berkshire, a bit closer to London, a few years ago when I met mark. The town where I lived was a bit less friendly, we didn’t talk to our neighbours and we definitely didn’t talk to strangers in the street for fear of being mugged! Therefore it took me a little while to get used to my new surroundings- I would look confused when people in the village said ‘hello’ to me and was probably known as the ‘moody girl’ in our road when I blanked my neighbours. 

Most things I need is in our village: my hairdressers (the cool kind, not the kind that has old ladies getting their blue rinse!) a beauty salon, surprisingly there are 4 pubs and about 5 parks as well as woods where kids can play or we can go for walks. 

Five years on and I’m loving village life, I happily wave and say ‘hello’ to people while I’m out for a run, I have made friends with other mums and the people in the shops and restaurants all know us well. 


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