Spencer’s Birthday Party!

At the weekend, we had a party for Spencer’s 3rd birthday, although his birthday isn’t actually until the middle of the week. 

December is a pretty busy month for us, not only is it Christmas but it is also both Spencer’s and Marks birthdays. Then, chuck a newborn into the mix and I think I may have overstretched ourselves. 

We originally decided to do a party for Spence before Coen was born, in case Spence felt at all left out by the arrival of his new brother. Luckily that hasn’t happened but we still planned an awesome party for him. 

Having a newborn, we didn’t go all out for Spencer’s party, we kept it pretty simple. We hired a hall and soft play, I did basic party food and cheap party bags and invited 20 of his closest friends. 

To begin with I felt a little bad that we weren’t making a huge effort, I didn’t do any extravagant decorations, there was no theme, the cake was shop bought and the food wasn’t exactly gourmet. However on the day, I realised three-year olds really don’t care about all that. They just want to have fun, get their sugar high and get little gifts and sweets and the end of it. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and to be honest, I was a little proud of myself on making that many kids so happy- on no sleep and with a newborn to care for. 

Spence enjoyed his party and that’s all that matters xx


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