Three weeks old x

Coen is now three weeks old. It seems to be going so fast but at the same time the lack of sleep seems to make time drag, especially the nights. 
We are getting a tiny bit more sleep, he can sleep in his crib for periods of time but he is still making so much noise. I can’t describe the noise, it’s kind of a grunting mixed with the sound that he is trying to do a poo and it seems to get louder and louder and gets to a point where it sounds like his head will explode until you pick him up! So, as you can imagine, this makes sleeping quite difficult! We even recorded the noise and brought it up with both the midwife and health visitor and both were like ‘oh, he’s a noisy baby!’- no sh*t- what can we do about it?! Apparently nothing. Just put up with it until he chills out. 

He is putting on weight quite quickly. In a week, he went from 9lbs 11oz to 10lbs 8oz. He is already getting too big for some of the newborn clothes that we have. 

I’m struggling a little with having no time to do anything. Where Spence is almost three now and has always been a really good sleeper, I had gotten used to spending the evenings watching films, having a tidy(ish) house. However, now we only have time to watch one episode of a series a night, with constant pausing for when Coen makes too much noise to hear. The house is a mess, I only have about half an hour in the early evening between mark finishing work and dinner / bath time to load the dishwasher and put the washing on. 

I know it will get easier, hopefully it will be soon xx


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