Beware the Threenager…

They may look cute but god can they be bossy!
Everyone told me how bad the ‘terrible two’s’ were. We were anticipating the tantrums in supermarkets, the strops in public and the lying down on the floor refusing to budge in the middle of the street. However, luckily we didn’t experience any of that with Spencer- nope, we got the threenager instead!

The threenager is a toddler with the attitude of a teenager, complete with eye rolls and utter defiance. The last few months, Spence has become a toddler with ‘tude! His favourite word is ‘No’, in fact he just says it before he even realises what he is saying no to. This is of course unless you are saying no to him, then he just shouts ‘Yes’ at you until he either gets what he wants or realises he isn’t getting anywhere. He has turned totally stubborn- if he doesn’t want to do something, he most definitely lets you know. 

Then there is his bossiness! I have never come across a kid so bossy! In fact, as I write this, I can hear him in the bath with Mark shouting ‘Sit Up!! Drink the tea!!’. When Grandpa comes to visit, Spence forces him to run around the living room and hall with him, and then shouts at him if he shows signs of slowing down or not doing it in the exact way that Spencer had instructed. Which leads me into his OCD tendencies. If Spencer’s instructions aren’t carried out exactly as he specifies then he insists that the whole process must start again from the beginning. For example, at bath time, I have to get him undressed in the exact order that he wants: trousers, socks, pants (which he flicks at daddy), top then vest. If I deviate from this specific order he then insists on getting dressed again and starting again. 

My little dude is cute, but I’m looking forward to seeing the back of this phase! xx


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