Two weeks old..

Week 2 of no sleep! 

This little sleep thief is two weeks old. He is a little cutie except that he won’t let us sleep a wink! 

We are getting about two hours sleep a night on average, a luxurious night will include about 4 hours but that hasn’t happened for quite a while. I would say the sleep is getting worse not better. 
Some nights he lays on my lap, until the small hours of the morning, we stare at each other, both yawning away like we are having some kind of standoff, a challenge (that I didn’t want to accept) on who can stay awake the longest. I’m like ‘You can end this! Just close your eyes and sleep!’ He is stubborn!
Sometimes he tricks me, he closes his eyes. Then before the sigh of relief fully escapes my body, he opens them again. Why is he torturing me!
Our main issue is that he won’t settle in his crib or Moses basket, he only wants to sleep on us or on the feeding pillow, which isn’t ideal. I google ‘how to make a newborn settle in a crib’ into the wee hours of the morning. We have tried everything- I have put a top of mine in his crib so it smells of me, I have elevated one end of the mattress, we have put him in a sleeping bag instead of blankets and we have bought a baby moov which is supposed to work wonders, but not so much for us! It’s gotten so desperate that we are contemplating buying a Sleepyhead, but at £120, it is quite expensive! We used white noise, which seemed like a miracle cure but that only lasted two nights! The only things left to try is swaddling and rolling up blankets under the sheet to make him more snug. If anyone has anymore tips that we can try, feel free to pass them on, at this rate I’m contemplating making a sacrifice to the gods if it means more than 2 hours sleep a night! 


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